Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It was COLD and then .. The Sun finally came out!

I got up early and went to breakfast.  I wanted to say good bye to friends Jackson & Anna and new friends Boyd & Diane.  They are heading to KY to work at Amazon.  Good luck guys and have a safe and good winter. Man O Man .. it’s so COLDDDDDDD!

This morning hubby first emptied our gallon jugs of water in our fresh water tank then he went to work on installing my porch light.  It had to have a new complete light set as some of the wires broke in the old one.  While he was doing that i worked on cleaning out  all the jugs for fresh water.  I hadn’t refreshed them since coming home from Florida.  So it was that time to empty them out, bleach the containers and add fresh water.  I like to travel with several jugs of water for that just in case.  We do not use water from our fresh water tank to cook with, it’s basically cleaning and personal use.  I carry water in jugs for cooking with and we buy drinking water.


After lunch the sun finally came out and it warmed up enough i could stand to be outside working.  Hubby dug out our generator to do some maintenance work on it .. gotta make sure it’s working for when we start our journey. 


I decided to work on cleaning out the truck.  It was horrible and needed cleaned up.  The grands had food in the back seat and all that good stuff that has collected over the months of being here.  While i was cleaning i had the doors open and Roo’s chain reached far enough for her to join me.  She was making sure she wasn’t being left again. First she was patient, then she started squirming and finally ….


she gave up and just laid down.  She was like i’m not getting out because i’m not being left again!  We are hoping that her mom doesn’t come get her as she is fitting into our home very well.  We love her so much.  So if her mom doesn’t call, were not telling her when were leaving.  Once we leave Roo will officially be part of our family and there will be no return.  She has gotten to where she doesn’t try to run off and you can even let her off her chain outside and she runs inside instead of away.  I think she has decided that she has found a good home and wants to stay in it.


Dolly and Lexi were looking at Roo like hey if your going so are we.  They both barked at me as they couldn’t get to the truck.  They were disappointed when they realized that our home wasn’t moving yet. Once we both had some things marked off our ta do list it was time for dinner.  We have decided that if we can get everything together and done we may be pulling out on November 5th. That is the new departure date we are looking at.  It’s not written in stone and could be sooner or delayed at any time.  Our lives are written in Jell-O and I have the right to change it at any time :))


The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and trying to stay warm.  Oh Me O My it’s getting cold again.  With these cooler temps I have to limit my activities with the cold because it doesn’t take this back long before it starts screaming at me.