Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bitter Sweet

Today was the memorial service of Momma Rosie, it’s been a bittersweet day.  I’m happy she isn’t suffering anymore, more devastated that she is gone from my life and I miss her so.  It started out a nippy, windy morning with clouds and then the sun came out but the wind blew pretty hard most of the day!  What started out as a dreary day turned into sweet beauty!


For the past several years I have went on Color Drive with Momma Rosie, Aunt Louise and Pops and I had planned to still do it today since I wasn’t attending the memorial service.  But when I woke up it had been a ruff night of sleeping due to stress and pain and my heart or energy just wasn’t into it.  Instead the decision was made to curl up in the warmth of my bed and watch Hallmark. 


Later in the afternoon it warmed up and turned out to be a beautiful afternoon and so enjoying sitting on the deck drinking coffee just listening to the sound of nature was what my soul needed.


This was my view sitting out on the deck enjoying a beautiful fall evening with this amazing sunset!


While I was enjoying the beauty around me and the sweet sound of nature, the animals were enjoying getting to run lose and play together


I’m thinking they are loving being away from society as much as me as they have so much more freedom to enjoy running lose and playing.  There is just something about being free to roam that my soul desires.  Many times I find myself sitting and thinking, if only ….


Oreo watched Roo and Sparky play together and soon he joined in


Sparky decided he had enough playing and needed to follow Lexi and do some eating before it was time to call it a night.


I enjoy watching my fur balls run, play, jump and just run free with no care in the world.  At times I think I even envy them the simplicity of their life.  My life hasn’t had simplicity since coming off the road and it seems like that what ages ago …


It was a beautiful evening watching the sunset and enjoying the peace and quiet and just being alone.  Before long it was time to head inside to get ready to hit my nice comfy bed.  I’m so enjoying being in my home on wheels even if it is stationary.  Deep inside it’s still home and my security blanket, esp. when I'm stressed.