Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, April 30, 2012

still down in the back

April is going out like a Lion .. where has the time gone?  It’s hard to believe April is over and tomorrow a new month begins.  We woke to thunder storms this morning and it was another very ruff night.  I have basically been living on heating pads and pain pills.  I didn’t get up until almost 11 AM! 

Not much to really blog about when you are spending all your time in a bed, on the couch or in a recliner.  With this back that is all that i am able to do.  It has rained so much i’m beginning to think i need to invest in a boat.  We are sounded by water and no i wasn’t able to get outside and get any pictures.  I’m hibernating like a bear does in the winter.

I did manage to put some pork steaks in the crock pot for dinner.  Later i added some brown gravy mix and mushroom for a tasty gravy.  Hubby nuked some baked potatoes and supper was served.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spending the day with kids

It was another ruff night of sleeping, more storms and lots of rain!  I slept in again this morning and spent my entire morning laying around.  I went from my recliner to the bed.  This back is still not letting up and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in the next few days with the weather we are experiencing.


Gabe and Kelsey came to spend time with us and of course they brought the grand dogs.  Gabe made breakfast for everyone.  We had eggs and they were good.  Of course it was a a lazy day for everyone.  The dogs really didn’t want to do much other then sleep either. 


Of course us girls didn’t argue with that as we took a nap as well.  Kelsey laid on the couch and i went to my comfy bed and heating pads. Gabe gave me a wonderful neck and back rub.  Hubby can’t do it very good or long due to his fibermyagia (ignore spelling) it hurts his fingers and hands.   I had a splitter headache from the stress on my back and it’s amazing how Gabe can hit the right spot and relieve my headache.   Just wished it would last longer.  Same with my back and leg pain.  I have certain spots that pressure can be put on and it relieves the pain.  Just doesn’t last long and unfortunately i don’t have someone who can do it for me 24/7 :((  I finally got dressed around 2 PM.  I decided i better put on some clothes today although it wouldn’t of took much for me to have a pj day.


Chico was fascinated with being able to see out the windows while being perched on the back of the couch.  Around 6 pm the kids needed to head home to get ready for work and school tomorrow.  We said our good byes and the kids left.  We spent the rest of the evening in the warmth of our comfy home. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunshine to a dreary day

Since neither of us slept good last night we slept in today.  I didn’t get up until around 9.30 AM!  Once I was up and about It had warmed up a bit but the clouds and dampness was still in the air.  One bright shinning sunshine to our day was spending time with our grand kids.


Since Toby forgot to bring his bike his big sister gave him a life on hers.


We had a great time enjoying the grands and later in the evening it was time for them to go home. 


More storms moved in and that meant the rain was back and more pain and suffering for me.  It was another ruff night of sleeping and sleeping on my heating pads was a must.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ughhh i’m down in the back!

I was up early as my back hadn’t really let up all night long and i didn’t want to take any pain medication as i knew we had plans for the day.  When I'm in pain sleep is almost none existing for me. It’s so cold outside!!  We didn’t leave as early as we had planned because i was moving very slowly.  We haven’t seen hubby’s mom since we have returned and that is top on our to do list.  I have a wonderful mother in law .. she really isn’t a mother in law but more like a mother to me.  We had a wonderful visit and she sent us home with fresh eggs (yesss) and 2 more jars of her wonderful salsa that she makes.  Thanks mom you have a very happy daughter.  We had a great visit and we spent several hours catching up.  Then it was time to head to pick up our Grand daughter Hailey.  She got out of school early :)) 


Of course a needed trip to Wal-mart was on our way home.  Hailey got a new barbie and batting gloves.  Tuesday night is her first ever Softball game.  We will not be going to watch her as it’s a away game and too far for us to drive.  We will be watching her Saturday and YES we are so excited. 


It’s still pretty cold outside but Hailey and Papa practiced playing ball.  Grandma watched and cheered and of course had to get pictures.  Hailey is a bit afraid of the ball but it wasn’t long and Papa had her getting under it and catching it.  She does grounders really good.


Batting went pretty well too.  Grandma had to sit in her lounger on a heating pad and watch as the back and leg is still screaming with pain. 


We had planned to have a fire and roast hot dogs and smores but it was just too cold for Grandma.  Grandma had to finally escape to the warmth of a cozy home.  The rest of the evening was spent snuggling up and watching the Disney movie Tangled. 

Of course I am up writing this post at 2.45 AM as i had to finally give in and take some pain medication for my back and leg.  The pain has finally reached the unbearable point.  thankfully we do not have any plans but to enjoy spending time with our grand daughter.  Grandma is probably going to just watch from the side lines.  Now if the pain med’s and sleeping aides would just kick in so i could get some rest.

Next year we are really going to have rethink our plans of not returning home until June.  We leave to escape the cold because of my health issues and returning to soon in the spring just takes me backwards.  I have no desire to return to my previous state where i was confined to a bed for over 10 years.  I do not want to be back in a wheel chair.  The desire to return home and see family and friends is so strong in the spring but were just going to have to fight it and not return until we know the weather is going to be tolerable for my disability.  Right now i would give anything to be back in the warmth of Florida.  Pain is such a debilitating horrible disease and it can take complete control of your life if you let it and i have sworn that i will never do that again.  I will never let my pain get the best of me where i try to commit suicide again.  I will never let it take control of my life where I'm stuck in bed and so depressed.  Our home has wheels on it and that is why we chose this lifestyle was so that i could get control of my life again.  The stress and desire to be home because of the passing of my sister and my dad’s health played a big part in our returning home so soon.  I am going to have to do a better job of fighting the guilt of being so far away when these type of crisis occur.  I think about if my dad was to get sick again and even though i am home now what good am i? I’m miserable and in severe pain, there is no way i could contribute to taking care of him with my own health issue right now.  My health issues have not changed and the doctors are correct.  If i want control of my life then i am going to accept and adjust that i just can not be in cold weather.  No matter how strong my desire to be home with family and friends, be there when some gets sick or passes.  It’s just not good for me.  I have to be careful taking pain medications due to the complications of my liver.  They are not good for me in many ways.  Does anyone else fight a debilitating disease that cause you to have to be away from family and friends?  Do you fight the guilt of feeling like your not there for you family when they need you?

Okay enough of this for now .. i’m going to see if i can get some sleep it’s after 3 AM.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I finally feel the warmth of the Sun!

It warmed up even more then the day before.  Temps were in the low 80’s and i took advantage of it and spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing but resting in my lounger outside in the sun.  The warmth of the sun felt so good on my back!  Friends Kevin and Becky that we hadn’t seen all winter stopped by to visit a bit. 

Our friend Pam was rushed to the ER with a pulse of 35 and we have received word from her husband Jim she will be having a Pace maker put in tomorrow.  We pray that all goes well with her.  Friends Cora and Dave came over to visit and we enjoyed a nice evening outside visiting.  Well the was until the wind picked up and the temps begin dropping fast.  Finally we were all chilled to the bone and it was time to retire inside.

I was up and down most of the night with a back that was screaming with pain.  I try not to take any pain medication until i have to as i do not like the feeling i have the next day from being drugged up.  Plus it does not do good things to my liver. After living with this pain and disability for over 16 years my body has adjusted to pain but the pain can still be unbearable and makes me very miserable.  I take each hour for what it is as i never know from one to the other what will happen with this pain and disability

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing to blog about

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

I really haven’t had anything to blog about this week, we are basically in living mode.  Wednesday finally warmed up but i wasn’t feeling the best from the weather and all that it does to my body which caused me to take medication and i’m having MS flare up.  So I spent most of the day sleeping.  Later in the evening we did sit outside and visit with friends Jim, Wanda, Dave, Cora and Bob.  We hadn’t seen Bob in several years so it was nice catching up. 

On my diet end i haven’t been doing good.  I haven’t gained any weight but i haven’t lost any lately either.  Of course not being able to get out and about has lots to do with that.  They are saying it’s going to be another cold and nasty weekend.  I’m not looking forward to that at all.


We woke to another cold day and day to do absolutely nothing!  That is exactly what we did.  It was cold, the wind blew and damp.  The kids didn’t come visit this weekend as it was just a very yucky weekend.  Plus my body just is not liking this weather at all. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh it’s Cold!!


We woke up to the temps being cold and as the day went along it didn’t get any better.  It seems that the cold has returned for a few days.  I keep asking myself what I'm doing back in this weather.  I’m dreaming of the warmth and sunshine in Florida.

Since it was such a cold day we just spent the day mostly inside snuggled up to warmth our electric heater gives us.  I did venture out and visit with a few of the other RVer’s. 

Fellow friends Emily and Billy arrived and was cleaning out their camper as their new one was on it’s way.  I went and saw their new one.  They have gone from a 30’ pull type with one slide to a 36’ with 3 slides. 

Later in the day we decided to run into town hubby was craving some prairie farms french onion dip that we usually only find when were back in Illinois.  That was a wasted trip as they were out.  We were going to swing by McDonald’s and get sandwiches but i decided we’d just eat left over's instead.  The rest of the evening was spent curled up inside the warmth of our home.



It warmed up a bit more today and we took a trip to Litchfield.  I was craving one of my favorite foods.  Yep Chinese!! Of course since we were in the area a trip to Wal-mart (hubby got his dip) Aldies and the Dollar Tree were a must.   We came home and we still having some issue with our truck.  Even though it’s been looked at and looked at it’s still not starting right.  Hubby noticed a diesel smell and when we got home he took the fuel filter out he just changed over a month ago and it’s horrible.  He thinks he got some bad diesel.  When he went to put the filter back in and some how cut the O’ring and so now we are without wheels.  Diesel sprays out of it when you turn the truck on.  tomorrow we will get a new filter. Grrr it’s always something.

Later in the evening we sat around the fire with friends Wanda and Jim.  We had a great time sitting around the fire and enjoying wonderful fellowship.  I sipped on some hot cocoa .. before we long it was time to retire to home and put an end to the day.  It doesn’t look like temps will be warming up much in the next few days. 

My back is not liking this weather and it’s limiting to what activities can be done.  Mostly just laying around and my nights have been spent on heating pads.  I do not like this kind of weather at all!

Family and Friends make the pain discomfort i suffer with due to the cold and damp weather worth being here and having to endure such horrid temps.  Next year we are going to think long and hard before returning this soon.  We have been discussing making some changes in our plans.  We normally come home mid April to early May and pull out before Memorial day and then return after Labor Day until late October.  We are thinking of not returning until mid June and staying until right after Labor Day.  Who knows with us.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Once the sun came out it warmed up and it was a great day for the RVer’s to have a pot luck gtg. 


RVer’s love to eat and we do it so well .. hubby and Wanda


We had potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, chips, veggies and dip, peaches, p.steak, hot dogs, hamburgers and ice cream bars for dessert!


after we finished eating we all gathered around the fire


we had a great time sitting around the fire enjoying some great fellowship and the fire felt great with the temps starting to fall.  Before long it was time for everyone to retire to their homes. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I love being a grandma

this morning Toby arrived around 7.30 AM.  He is spending the day with us. 


after breakfast we took a walk and then we went to the park to have some fun


after lunch we played outside some more.  Before we knew it daddy came to get him and we said our good byes.  We had a great day enjoying being grandparents.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 50th birthday hubby!

Hubby turned 50 today.  Happy birthday honey, hope you had a great day and I Love You!!

After the birthday party last night the rain made it in.  It poured for hours and then it got colder!  Ughh it was another night of sleeping on the heating pad.  Since i haven’t been sleeping good and plus being worn out from having too much fun with the grands i slept in this morning.  In fact i spent the entire day doing absolutely nothing! 

Later in the afternoon Cora came over we sat outside basking in the sun.  As long as your in the sun your okay but the minute it goes down it’s coldddd!!  I’m wearing a sweat shirts and blue jeans .. not the preferred clothing attire.

Hubby’s birthday is officially over as it’s 12.43 AM and i’m up with a back that is killing me.  Oh what would it be like to sleep all night long and not have a back that kills you.  I tried laying down on my heating pad but the back is still hurting so i’m waiting for a pain pill to kick in so i can get some sleep. 

Nothing to blog about .. hope your all faring better then i am these days.  I’m really missing Florida’s warmth!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Birthday Party!

I had a bit of a ruff night sleeping as the back was still bothering me.  I slept on heating pads most of the night.  I knew i had a busy day ahead of me so i took some more pain meds and got my day started.  The grands were up by 7.30 AM and our day was started.  The wind blew a bit but It warmed up and ended up being a beautiful day. 


We had a surprise 50th birthday party for hubby.  The grands kept Papa busy so Gram could get things going before everyone showed up.  Thanks Toby and Hailey you did a excellent job keeping Papa away. 


Our kids Gabe and Kelsey sitting at the picnic table


great friend Cliff


Georgia, Sam and Cora sitting in background


Jim and Dave


Heather and Toby


Wanda and Tyson in background.  I made chili, Vegetable tray (Wanda) Chocolate Cake (Wal-mart – very good cake) and home made ice cream (Cora)  Our friends are more like family and we are so thankful that our family could be here to celebrate with us.  The rain held off until our party was over.  Thank you Jesus for holding it off.  The kids helped me clean up before it was time for them all to head home.  About an hour or so later the rain came and it poured. 

We spent the rest of the evening resting from a very busy, tiring and wonderful weekend.  It is so good to be back home with our family and friends.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Enjoying the Grands

It was a stormy night with lots of rain.  The grands did good sleeping through it and we got up this morning and it was still raining. 


Since it was raining we had to find some things to do inside.  Playing with play do is one of their favorite things.

007 008  010

it was still a bit nippy but we decided to brave the rain and go outside and play.  YES it was still raining.

011 012

Riding bikes in the rain is fun and the kids enjoyed it.  Before we knew we were all chilled to the bone so we retired to the inside.  Grandma needed to take some pain meds and lay down to rest her aching back.  Papa took over after we got their clothes changed while grandma rested. 

013 014

We decided to go up to the dinning hall and have chicken nuggets and taco’s for lunch.  It was still raining.  When we came back from lunch it was warming up and so we decided to play in the rain some more. 

015 016 017

Mud puddles are lots of fun and grandma has a washer/dryer so it’s okay to go through another set of clothes

018 019 020 021 022 023 024 

After getting chilled again we needed to go inside and warm up.  So we changed clothes and put on our swim suits and decided to enjoy the warm indoor pool.

027 028 029

Papa needed a nap so Wanda went to help Grandma with us since her back was bothering her. 

030 031 032

Can a kid ever get too much water??

033 034  036

Hey Wanda grandma got you too .. haha  We finished swimming and went back to Grandma’s and Papa took us on the 4 wheeler to go play at the park.  Grandma rested while we were gone.  Gabe and Kelsey came by and went fishing.  After Grandma rested she started dinner on the grill.  BBQ pork steaks and hamburgers.  Papa made mac and cheese.  We had dinner and then played some more.


Papa and Uncle Gabe got a fire going and Cora came to visit and we all had roasted marsh mellows and smores.  Yummy.  Before long it was time to get ready for bed and the kids were fast asleep.  So was Papa and Grandma.  Grandma back is still bothering her from the cold and rain.  Tomorrow is going to be another fun day.  Hopefully Grandma’s back will be better.