Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oh it’s Cold!!


We woke up to the temps being cold and as the day went along it didn’t get any better.  It seems that the cold has returned for a few days.  I keep asking myself what I'm doing back in this weather.  I’m dreaming of the warmth and sunshine in Florida.

Since it was such a cold day we just spent the day mostly inside snuggled up to warmth our electric heater gives us.  I did venture out and visit with a few of the other RVer’s. 

Fellow friends Emily and Billy arrived and was cleaning out their camper as their new one was on it’s way.  I went and saw their new one.  They have gone from a 30’ pull type with one slide to a 36’ with 3 slides. 

Later in the day we decided to run into town hubby was craving some prairie farms french onion dip that we usually only find when were back in Illinois.  That was a wasted trip as they were out.  We were going to swing by McDonald’s and get sandwiches but i decided we’d just eat left over's instead.  The rest of the evening was spent curled up inside the warmth of our home.



It warmed up a bit more today and we took a trip to Litchfield.  I was craving one of my favorite foods.  Yep Chinese!! Of course since we were in the area a trip to Wal-mart (hubby got his dip) Aldies and the Dollar Tree were a must.   We came home and we still having some issue with our truck.  Even though it’s been looked at and looked at it’s still not starting right.  Hubby noticed a diesel smell and when we got home he took the fuel filter out he just changed over a month ago and it’s horrible.  He thinks he got some bad diesel.  When he went to put the filter back in and some how cut the O’ring and so now we are without wheels.  Diesel sprays out of it when you turn the truck on.  tomorrow we will get a new filter. Grrr it’s always something.

Later in the evening we sat around the fire with friends Wanda and Jim.  We had a great time sitting around the fire and enjoying wonderful fellowship.  I sipped on some hot cocoa .. before we long it was time to retire to home and put an end to the day.  It doesn’t look like temps will be warming up much in the next few days. 

My back is not liking this weather and it’s limiting to what activities can be done.  Mostly just laying around and my nights have been spent on heating pads.  I do not like this kind of weather at all!

Family and Friends make the pain discomfort i suffer with due to the cold and damp weather worth being here and having to endure such horrid temps.  Next year we are going to think long and hard before returning this soon.  We have been discussing making some changes in our plans.  We normally come home mid April to early May and pull out before Memorial day and then return after Labor Day until late October.  We are thinking of not returning until mid June and staying until right after Labor Day.  Who knows with us.