Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, November 28, 2011

We arrived and so has the cold!

Davis Bayou, Ocean Springs, MS

We were back on the road by 8.45 AM.  We woke to misting rain and heavier rain at times but nothing we couldn’t handle.  We traveled 227 miles today and have reached our destination for a few days.  (This is the only picture that i took yesterday).
When we arrived there were several spots available and it wasn’t long they were filling up.  Looks like all the northerners have arrived and brought their cold with them :((

I had a mishap again today with the slides .. grrr .. remember my new printer?  Well i didn’t check and it fell off and i crushed it with the slide :((   Needless to say it wasn’t a good time to be here and i was ready to give away our 5th wheel and it’s slides.  Of course it wasn’t my fault, hubby drove to fast and shook everything out of place, if he would drive right I  wouldn’t  crush things. (sounds good to me :)  It’s official i am no longer allowed to touch the slide outs anymore.

Once that mishap was over and we got the printer out of the slide out, there was no damage to the slide out just the printer.  We finished getting setup and i decided to call my friend Steve and let him know we were in town.

Well prefect timing as Steve had tried to call me earlier in the week to let me know he was getting a new phone number.  He told me to call him back later on his new phone.  Well later came and i tried calling but the new phone wasn’t working and the old number was done cut off.  Guess you can imagine what we did next?  Yep we drove over to his place to check on him. 

He said he tried to get the new phone to work and it wouldn’t and forgot to ask where we was as we never stay at the same place :))  He hadn’t charged the new phone and it was dead so i got it going for him and then he told us .. God sent you just in time, believe it or not my friend Steve was actually glad to see me .. well okay if you insist, he was glad to see hubby :)  Steve had tried calling to let us know he needed our help.  He finally is getting to move into the VA Retirement home in Biloxi and so Wed – Sat we will be spending our days packing moving and cleaning to get  him moved to his new place.  Of course he has some Mr. Fix it projects as well for hubby that will start on Tuesday.   So now our plans have changed from moving to a new place on Wednesday to staying here at least until Sunday or Monday.  Well that is if they will let me stay :))

After leaving Steve’s place we headed to Wendy’s for some quick sandwiches as neither of us felt like stopping to eat in anywhere.  Were both are tired from 2 days of traveling.  I’m looking forward to upper 60’s in a few days as I'm so tired of the cold.  My bones and body have been cold since before leaving Illinois and I haven’t warmed up yet.  Come on sunshine and warmth .. I'm waiting for you to get here.  I didn’t get any pictures of our campsite but will try to tomorrow if it warms up so i can go outside.

It’s time for this aching and tired gal to hit the hay .. good night everyone