Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

We brought rain to the desert

We heard the rain hitting our roof early this morning.  It seems we can either bring the cold or the rain anywhere we go and this year it’s the desert.  Although we are told they do not mind the rain Smile  I just don’t want Ole man winter to find me .. shhhh don’t tell him where I am at.



I knew the rain was coming as I had a ruff night sleeping from a screaming back and legs.   We were slow getting around this morning.  But hey that is the life of those who are retired .. right?


We had plans to do some site seeing but with the rain that changed our plans.  I still wanted to see around the town so we decided we take a drive and look around a bit.  The top picture is of the Museum but it was closed.  This wagon was outside of the Museum. 


even on a dreary day the desert has a beauty to it .. see how low the clouds are ..


we drove up to where the old mine is but it was raining so we didn’t get out do much looking around.  We just did a bit of site seeing from inside the dry truck Smile


they have a beautiful little square .. look at this park around the circle square


we did stop and go into a book store as we thought the rain had let up .. oops it hadn’t and was raining when we came out.


there is lots of beauty in the architect  here in Ajo


I am looking forward to a day when the sun is out and I can get out and walk around and get some good shots of the historical  buildings around here.


We see lots of RV’s going through this area .. must be a winter haven for the snowbirds. 


after we did a bit of driving we stopped at the Family Dollar store to browse and compare prices and then we headed to the only local grocery store around for miles.  Prices were a bit high but that is expected for an area there is nothing in.  The closest Wal-mart is 80 miles away!


I found the A for Ajo .. must be a popular thing here in the desert to carve the first letter of city in the mountain top.  Look how close the clouds are to it .. awesome huh?


I bet this cactus can tell you some history of this town .. I’m sure it’s very old.  I love cactus and love their different shapes.


I found an unexpected thing today.  I knew that Michael another blogger that I follow was in Ajo and I had hope to contact him and meet up.  Well I didn’t find him but I think I found wanderwolf (his rig) it was raining so I didn’t want to stop and see if he was around.  Going to save that for a day the sun is out.


We came home and my back and legs were screaming so we spent the rest of the day being lazy and just lounging around.  Temps are around 65 degrees with rain.  Dinner tonight was prepared by hubby.  Baked chicken and rice.