Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Travel Day

We were up early to get an early start but we were held up by this. 


Roo is learning well .. i think she gets as excited as the other dogs on travel day. 


First on the list after leaving our campsite was to stop and dump the tanks. 


Leaving the camp ground was bitter sweet as we really enjoyed our stay here, yet were excited for our next adventure. 022

We were on the road by 8.40 AM


luckily we didn’t run into any fog and all looked good


until we saw this


We enjoyed the scenery and took our time on a beautiful sunny day


I thought this was pretty neat


we did hit a bit of traffic but not as bad as we’ve hit before


at Natchez we missed a turn and toured the business district .. we took our rig right by the court house!  I was a bit nervous as i wasn’t sure we’d get our rig through there.  But my husband did a great job and before we knew it we found our way back on track.


We crossed the Mississippi river


We found some flat land in Louisiana


Over more water and after another little detour we arrived around 3.45 PM at our destination Woodworth, LA.  7 hours and 345 miles worth of traveling.  We plan to be here around 6 weeks.


Friends Snuffy and Jean were waiting for us and after we got setup, we cleaned up and took a tour around place.


Snuffy took us 4 wheeling and we were having a great time until …. he forgot he didn’t have 4 wheel drive in his truck and YES your correct .. we were stuck and going to be late for our dinner invitation! 


Luckily David is a great hostess and got us some help with a 4 wheel drive tractor that pulled us out.  We finally arrived and had a wonderful meal at David and Amy’s home, thanks David and Amy.  We played Chinese checkers after dinner at their house and had a great time visiting.  Before we knew it was after 9 PM and time to head home. 

It’s been a long day but a wonderful day, it was time to say good night and head to dream world as i was exhausted!