Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, December 14, 2012

It’s not all play

Okay .. I've been showing you lots of play time lately.  Although as much as I know what your all thinking .. it’s not play all the time .. there is some working going on here at Twin Lakes.


Here is brother David getting ready to climb a tree to tie a rope around it


Alton getting ready for David to hook the rope up to this big guy to keep it from falling on the building when they cut it


David cutting the tree so it will fall


timberrrrrrrrr .. the tree is down and nothing damaged


One of the new doors installed .. one door down .. several more to go


Tommy taking a window out


Don went and brought a couple of Teen Challenge guys in to help .. This is Justin


Clay is the other guy .. he is a welder


Tom is an RVer who stopped in for just a couple days.  Arrived on Wednesday afternoon and left on Saturday afternoon


It’s looking different


metal pilings are getting installed


they are gonna have to do some painting with this old looking tin they are putting up to enclose the windows they are taking out

iphone pics 7_31_12 314

Clay hard at work

iphone pics 7_31_12 315

another small door installed in the center of the building where a window used to be 

P1220916 P1220918 P1220913P1220914 P1230074 

Don doing the dishes after a wonderful lunch together (thanks Don)


Tommy and Snuffy are the professional door installers


the only window left in the building is here on the side .. the rest are just in the doors


Tommy putting on the finishing touches.  Yep .. the guys have worked hard and now they can leave with a job well done


Tommy and Diane, & Snuffy and Jean both packed up their rigs and pulled out this afternoon.  Their work in this stage is done and now they can go home and enjoy Christmas with their families.  We are all alone here in the RV park.  We will be staying another week before heading to Tommy and Diane’s to hang out for the holidays.  I’m going to be lonely this week but i have several things i need to get done so i will busy getting some needed work done (hopefully i do not get side tracked)