Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Banquet and Skit of RV Volunteers

We had a presentation in the chapel on WD-40 and our friend Terry is the guy in the photo. It was funny and i think all the Mappers enjoyed it.


Next you are going to see a overwhelming volunteers in their red vest! RV Maps wear red vest with patches of places they have volunteer their services to.


Then it was on to the dining hall for a steak lunch! It was so good!


It was time for skit which is titled .. Judge Hatchett ‘s Monkey court!


Served a summons


The charged monkey’s being watched over by Sheriff Lingo


One of the accused being questioned by Judge Hatchett


Prosecuting attorney pleading her case against one of the accused


The jury deciding one of the accused fate.


This accused has been arrested and found guilty 2 times now in less than a 3 month period. Judge Hatchett didn’t go nicely on him.

It was a great day filled with fun and laughter.