Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Today was a bit on the nippy side. I spent my morning visiting with the ladies and then i need to get last night dinner dishes done and mix oatmeal cookies up so they could chill for Sunday.

The Rver’s were invited out to dinner with several of the church members for their Christmas Dinner at the all you can eat catfish place.


The first couple is Russell and Connie .. from churh


Marvin and Nancy .. from church


Dale and Evie are RVer’s and they are heading to Texas in the morning. We will miss them .. it was a pleasure spending time with them.


Sonny and Sylvia .. from church .. they are a wonderful couple. They opened their home to the RVer’s on Thanksgiving Day.


Randall and Janice … RVer’s that we have bonded a wonderful relationship with.


Jarrod is in the dark blue shirt, he was surprised with a Christmas gift. The RVer’s and church took up an offering for him. He is a very special kid.


Jim and Lonna … RVer’s .. they are a wonderful couple and Lonna has to be an Angel to put up with Jim! Were still trying to find her wings.

100_3880 100_3878

Pastor Bruce and his son Caleb. Calab was being a bit shy so Russell helped him.100_3877

Here we are sitting at the table visiting after eating way too much good catfish.

100_3873 100_3874


Randall showing he is a good boy and ate all his fish. He was making sure Santa comes and visit him.


We had a wonderful time and it was great getting together and enjoying great fellowship.