Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Today is our anniversary! It’s amazing how the years seem to fly by! I am in love with my husband more then the day i married him. Although days like yesterday where i’d like to strangle him .. LOL For better or worse honey I Love You! Thanks for the many years together!

We got up and got moving, i made some phone calls to let several friends know we made it here earlier then planned. Also to make some plans. Then i had to go settle up with John the owner of Campground of the South. On my walk up to the office i ran into one of the kids (to me he is a kid .. about 24) he isn’t living in a camper on the grounds anymore, but is still working here. We chatted and then another couple who are snowbirds here for the winter stopped and we chatted. A lot of the old residents that were here when we were a year ago are gone, most have moved into apartments.

After visiting, i returned to the camper and we got ready for our lunch date with our very good friend Steve. We are meeting him at Hard Rock for lunch. Wed & Fri their lunch menu is only $3.99! We had a wonderful lunch, got to visit with our regular waitress. She was happy to see us and we were her. Of course we left her a nice tip as we always do (she does a excellent job)

After lunch we followed Steve to see how the progress is going on his new home. He is going to be moving from his RV into the VA home being re-built here. Then we went to look at Steve’s boat he bought for his children and plans to take to Tennessee soon. (Bet they wish they had it now)

Then we returned back to our home for Steve to see. He fell in love with it and we spent the entire afternoon visiting and catching up.

After Steve left I took a walk and remembered why we left around this time last year as the humidity is still here. Wow it’s hot outside. While on my walk I caught up with a another lady i used to visit with and met a few more new people who are temp living here in the park. Then we decided we better get that closet rod and get our clothes off the floor. OOOPS .. I forgot to write about that .. my clothes rod bent and fell out of the holder .. I contribute it happening because of .. well of course it had to be from our lovely trip here the day before with the lovely roads of Texas and Louisiana bumping us up and down and not possibly because of me over loading the rod!

Then we decided to take a evening drive along 90 and of course we had to stop and walk the view casino. It was packed! Wow things must be really picking up in this area as when we left a year ago the casinos were bare! We watched several poor souls be deep in lose of their of money and finally we could not take their sorrow anymore we decided to head back home. Hubby decided to fix my closet when we got home. Finally my clothes are off the floor, wrinkled and in need of a serious ironing .. but off the floor.

I showered and called it a night about 11.30 pm. Hope you all have a great weekend. We have ours planned!