Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?


Newbies seem to like to know how full timers are connected to the outside world and family.

Mail ... We use a post office box and when we are in need of our mail we call and our mail is gathered up and put into a package and sent to us where ever we may be.  We may be in an RV Park, at family or friends, we have even had our mail sent to a post office in the area we are in through general deliver.  I have to admit it does take some pre-planning as you never know for sure when your mail is going to arrive.

Cell phones .. we use our local carrier from when we had a stick home .. Us Cellular National unlimited plan.  We have free incoming, mobile to mobile for Us Cellular customers and nights and weekends after 7 pm.

Television ... Dish Network .. We just used our antenna for viewing news and programs on the TV until September 2010.  It was a real pain and i think hubby purchased every gadget out there and the same results.  It would come and go so we finally bit the bullet and went back with Dish Network.  That is the satellite company we had for years living in a stick home.

Computers .. After our desktop died we chose switch to strictly Laptops ... This is hubby's computer station .  complete with my old Compaq with Vista

I have a Toshiba laptop with windows 7 and here is my work station.  I purchased a table-mate II and I love it as my work station.

Internet ... we recently switched from our phone internet to Verizon MiFi and so far we have been very happy with it.  Reason's being our phone carrier was not happy that we are out of their local area more then we are in it and with the MiFi we can connect both our computers up at the same time.

We have also added a Wilson trucker Antenna with a Wilson amplifier with a ultra thin antenna to help with boosting our signal for both our cell phones and MiFi.  So far we have been happy with the setup and i have been able to get internet in most places we have been.

Wilson signal booster w/ antenna

Wilson trucker antenna  http://www.cell-phone-accessories.com/pol-301101-wil.html

20' cable http://www.cell-phone-accessories.com/pol-951125-wil.html 

Hubby built me a pole out of pvc pipe.  It screws together for easy storage                                              
I purchased 20' cable for just in case we had to set the antenna up away from our home, we have used this a few times and was thankful we had it when it was needed.

We are satisfied with our connection to the outside world as we travel around the USA living in our home on wheels. We get to watch our favorite programs, i get to follow along the journey of other full timers, hubby gets to keep up with all the news going on back home through online and we can do our bill paying and banking online. We can talk to family and friends when ever we feel the need or just want to.