Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Passing of a sister

Today is the last of March.  March has been a ruff month for us .. we lost our beloved LuLu, a cousin passed away a little over a week ago, today my oldest sister passed away.  Rosemary has fought a long hard battle with cancer and today she went home to be with the Lord.  May you rest in Peace Rosemary.

I found out about my sister and about half an hour later i found out that my dad had been rushed to the hospital and is waiting for transfer to a bigger hospital.  My family is in need of prayer and I’m stuck thousand miles away.  

For dinner tonight we started the grill, grilled hamburgers and polish sausage with some mac and cheese. 


Not really in the blogging mood, to much on my mind with all that is going on with my family.  I sure will be glad to see March gone!  Please remember my family in your prayers.  We need our Lord and Savior to get us through these ruff times.  I’m praying my dad hangs on until i can get home to say good bye.  I wasn’t able to be there when my mom passed away.  That is one of the down sides of this lifestyle is you can be so far away when things like this happen.

Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day of Belaxing

Lagrange, GA

I think the busy week we had visiting with friends and the long drive yesterday has gotten the best of me.  I’m exhausted and need a few days  to just belax and recoup.    It was a cloudy morning and no sunshine today.  In fact it’s been a bit on the chilly side for me.  We did take a couple small walks about the campground.  They say they are sold out of RV spots we haven’t seen all the spots that have a reserved sign on them being used.  Not sure if they were reserved and the campers were not able to get here or if they are reserved so that they can be used for the weekend. 


We have seen license plates from Tenn, AL, GA and TX.  There seems to be several families here camping.  I’m assuming due to spring break.  We walked down by the lake it’s huge but i didn’t take my camera as i was worried it would rain on us before we returned. 

Temps only reached low 70’s.  Early afternoon the rain arrived and we heard a bit of thunder, but it’s just been a nice drizzling rain.  The rain has continued into the evening.  I actually love listening to a nice soft rain hitting the roof of my home.  It makes me relax, but my back does not like it and i am beginning to feel the effects of the rain.  So for me there are pros and cons to the rain. 

This is a beautiful park and it’s very peaceful and a great place to just belax.  Hubby couldn’t get his satellite to work here but the internet works :)  Cell phone service is spotty but works much better then the last place we were.  For me this is a it spot.  Were secluded by the trees with no campers right next to us.  On the back side of us is the woods and i love having my window open enjoying the view.  Hubby would be happier if he could get his satellite to work but on the plus side we have 20 channels here and so we have a good selection of TV to watch. 


Dinner tonight was a joint effort .. hubby peeled and fried the potatoes and I cooked the sausage and made the gravy.  It hit the spot and after dinner in between the rain showers we took another small walk about.  The rain started just as we got back home.  That was close.  I came home and put on my jammies and curled up in my recliner. 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the road heading to Georgia


We were up and on the road at 8 AM  .. we stopped shortly at Pilot’s to fuel up .. Ouch with our 3 cents cash discount and our Pilots card diesel was $3.21 a gallon!  We may need a loan to get home at these prices.


016 017

the dogs all chilling out going down the road

018 019    023

lots of traffic on the North bound .. several RV’s on the road .. i think the snow birds are all moving North

025  030 032   

We have arrived in Georgia!  This is the first time i have been in Georgia .. Yeppie i get to add another state to my list finally ..it’s been too long since I've been to a new state!!

036 037 

very nice welcome center and the dogs were happy to get a potty break and stretch their legs .. so was i :))

 039   045043 044 

Oh my the rolling hills .. am i in Arkansas?

048 049

beautiful area and we are making really good time .. don’t think we will be staying in a truck stop or at Wal-mart after all

053 054

getting closer were on I-185

055 056  058  060 061

We arrived at West Point, Ga around 4.30 PM and i called ahead to see if they had an opening in the park we have reservations at tomorrow and they did


we got checked in and got lucky our site is open so we won’t have to move tomorrow after all .. Yeppie .. we had to dump the tanks from our last stop (no sewer there) and we saw these turkeys one was a gobbler and he was strutting his stuff.


We got nestled in and did the basic setup for tonight and we were starving so i got dinner on the grill. 


grilled Pork Steaks and baked tators .. yummy .. we still had some day light left so we took a small walk after dinner


the dog woods are in bloom .. i just love em


We walked down to the lake .. we are not right on the lake but around the corner from it


the lake looks a bit on the dry side as the lakes were in Florida


We came home and called it a night .. were both exhausted from a long day of travel.  Were glad we bit the bullet and drove the extra to get here as we can now chill out and just relax for the next 6 days! 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Last Day at the Cowboy Church

Leesburg, FL


The outside of the Cook Shack


Here is the inside of the Cook Shack .. here is where lots of great meals are prepared


it’s very cute and has lots of seating

 004 005

The sanctuary is inside of a barn but it’s beautiful

  007 008

This place was standing room only on sunday .. what an awesome ministry they have going


I packed and did a few loads of laundry to have everything cleaned and done up before hitting the road tomorrow


lots of work has gone into this to make it unique and beautiful


The building with the 4 windows is a Cowboy and Cowgirls bathroom and behind it is a the washer and dryer


I spent lots of time sitting in the shade at this patio relaxing and reading


Here we are still nestled in


The pond


lots of fenced areas for the horses


this is going to be the new youth center when it’s finished


the play ground for the kids


Isn’t my front yard huge?  I love it!


these are cute trash cans .. they have them everywhere here

024 025

all around the property is either a swing or chairs to sit and relax


This is the barn the church is in

027 030 

The White horse is Moon Dancer, the next one is Paco and i do not know the other horse but they are the greeters as you see them before entering the church.

 032  034 035

front of the church inside the barn

 036  038

the horses love me as i bring them carrots for a treat every morning and evening .. now when they see me they come running


Here is the entrance to the property

 056 057 058 059 060 

this poor horse has a eye missing but he is a lover .. His name is paco too and then below is honkey donkey .. he screams at me when i run out of carrots to feed him


Friends Pete and Linda .. they are dear friends of ours and we have so enjoyed this time with them .. Thanks Pete and Linda we love you


This kitty cat was doing some major sun bathing


new friends Chuck and Mindy


For dinner we went to Cracker Barrel with Pete and Linda .. every one had breakfast and the multi grain pancakes are awesome .. after dinner we returned and went to church services .. another awesome service and then came the dreaded event of saying good bye .. it’s the worst part of leaving.   We came home and finished up .. we are hooked up and just a few last minute things to do in the morning and we will be ready to hit the road.  Were going to be heading to Georgia tomorrow.  Look out Georgia that bad Pennie is coming your way.