Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We’ve been busy

I haven’t posted in a week!  We’ve been busy with many things and yes grand kids are one of them Smile  The weather has been teasing me with a nice day here and there and now it’s back to being cold and raining!  Where O where did the warmth go?  It’s almost May and their calling for snow tonight!  Of course they say the ground is too warm and so it will not be staying but when it’s cold enough for snow .. it’s wayyy to cold for me!! 

Even though our home on wheels is parked we’ve been spending lots of time on the road running back and forth in the car.  Not the kind of miles I enjoy traveling but family comes first. 

A couple of the volunteers here at the campground have arrived and in May several more are due in.  Sure wish the warmth would come and stay with them.

Hope your all doing great and I’m sorry my blog is not entertaining but as you all know we have some issues we are dealing with and sometimes in life we have to stop what we enjoy and do things that we need to do and for us this is one of those times when life throws you a curve and you ride it out.  Of course spending time with family and friends isn’t a bad trade off ..esp .. grand kids!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Honey!!

Today my wonderful husband turned 51 and even though we didn’t get to spend the day like we had planned.  We tried to make the best of a rainy miserable day.  I’m sorry honey that your birthday was a miserable day for you.  Know that I love you and I am thankful for blessing you are to me.  I love you!

We’ve been busy with grand kids and lots of stressful issues in our lives.  As you know our travel days have been put on hold and we are dealing with a lot of family issues.  Hubby and I ask that you all pray for our family as we are in a time of need for as much pray as possible.  I know that my Lord and Savior is with us and there are times we have to learn to not lean on our understanding but his.  It’s very hard but we have a strong faith and we know that Jesus promises to protect us and those that we love.

We had a few beautiful days and then the cold returned and now the past few days it’s been rain.  We’ve been struggling with sleep issues and of course when we both get stressed out our health issues flare up. 

Please continue to pray for us and know that it means so much for all the love and support our family and friends are giving us.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Toby John!!

We have a birthday boy!  Tomorrow is actually Toby’s birthday but since his daddy had him today we celebrated it today.


Instead of a cake this year we did something different.  We had angry birds cupcakes and they were a hit.  Toby ate 3 of them!


We had a great time although it was too cold to take the kids fishing, but we did spend some time outside and Toby got the presents he wanted!


Hailey and Toby showing off their new hats!  Yes both my precious jewels loves hats.  Before we knew it our time was over and they had to return back to their mom.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Sick again!!

The grand kids went home around noon and I just kept feeling worse.  Sore throat, stuffy nose, aching all over, running a fever and my ears hurt.  Ughh I’m sick of being sick! 

It was a afternoon/evening spent mostly in bed .. sure hope I get to feeling better soon.  Spring is on the way and I’m ready to get outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.

For now I’m going to be trying to get over this junk.