Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Natchitoches Christmas Festival of Lights


The sun has come out and warmed up .. not as warm as i prefer but much better then it was. First on the list today, Diane, Jean and I ran into town for a bit of shopping. Later on around 2.30 PM, Tommy, Diane, Don, hubby and I loaded up in our truck and headed to Natchitoches.  Snuffy and Jean didn’t go as they went last Friday.


First on the list was to stop and see Kaffie-Frederick General Mercantile.  It’s an old store that has been around for a long time and it has all kinds of things, esp old time things.


There is an Oval opening in the roof and it was skylights.  Because prior to electricity they used them to light up the store.


Kaffie-Frederick was a cotton broker from the 1880’s – 20th century.  Cotton bales would be purchased from local farmers and then sold to the buyers that worked for the textile mills.


Diane was taking a picture of me (i was unaware) and Don decided to do one of his silly faces.  He is a hoot when he finally let’s loose.


Downstairs was all kinds of junk and once you got up stairs .. it was a winter wonderland!


beautiful Christmas decorations .. expensive ones too!


hubby and I by the one of the many trees


these are the things you see in magazines and only dream of seeing


Here i am coming back down 2 flights of stairs!  Yes i had to go up and see the upstairs!  


Next was to tour the rest of the historic downtown area


It’s all decorated for Christmas which of course I just love!!


They had carriage rides …


looking for a peppermint to give the good horse who was waiting his turn


Yep, i found one and he/she enjoyed it


the stores are down along the river front .. it’s a beautiful area


I think we were waiting to cross the street here


reminds me of New Orleans


with the balcony’s and all .. i love old towns like this


you could get your picture taken with a live Alligator .. i did that last winter in Miami


another Carriage ride .. the cars have to wait and follow


They had all kinds of vender tents


Our wonderful Tour guide Tommy was showing us something here .. his lovely wife Diane was our photographer who is awesome .. thanks Tommy and Diane .. we love you!!


There was a lot of traffic .. i can imagine on the weekends it would be a night mare to try to drive on these streets .. by arriving early we were able to find a good parking place and we walked .. on concrete this time so hopefully there is no chance of getting stuck! 


Natchitoches traces its history to a French colonial settlement established in 1714 by Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, near the Natchitoches Indian village on the Red River. Trade and plantation agriculture shaped the city's early years. The original French settlement lay south of the current town center. As the Louisiana territory became Spanish and eventually American, the town moved north to Front Street. Much of the town's historic architecture has been preserved. The shifting Red River left Natchitoches behind, protecting it from 20th century development. Caring citizens recognized the importance of this accidental legacy.


We really enjoyed walking through the stores and seeing all kinds of stuff .. the guys needed a coffee fix ( i think really they wanted to sit down a bit) so we stopped for them to get some coffee and i had to resist getting a cupcake cuz we stopped at cupcake coffee place .. oh it smelt and looked so good.

  P1220994 P1220996

One the sun went down you could really see all the lights.  They were hung across the streets and just everywhere

P1220998 P1220999 P1230001

We have seen this name lot’s lately, it’s really known around this area, Alexandria, Lafayette, Natchitoches ..


There were lights everywhere and the best part this was all free .. no parking fee, no entrance free .. better yet!


this walk way before it lit up .. it would go out and then light up strain by strain .. it was neat to watch and check out the beauty once it was all lit up

 P1230007 P1230008

it was romantic walking hand and hand down this with my wonderful husband .. this couple thought so too


at the end of the tunnel is Santa’s house .. he was gone so all we could do was leave a letter in his mail box


lots of lights .. i love how they look with their reflection in the water


saints fans even enjoy their lights

 P1230016  P1230018 P1230024

love the naivety scene



it really speaks for it’s self ..



the Christmas tree before it lit up


and the lit up results .. beautiful!


Cane River Lake ..

 P1230065 P1230039 P1230042 P1230043 P1230044  P1230046 P1230048

Tommy, Diane, hubby and I posing in front of the light (we had another couple take a picture of all 5 of us in front of the tree but it didn’t turn out)


Don posing by himself since he took picture of the 4 of us

P1230050 P1230059

this light speaks volume for it’s self as well .. because we are very blessed to live in America

 P1230060 P1230061

Jesus is the Reason for this Season and all others .. Christmas for me is more about celebrating the birth of my Lord and Savior and to honor him.  It is what i always tried to teach my children as well.


The bridge over the river was decorated and as you left it said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


After lots of walking and seeing we were all getting hungry.  We looked at a couple places and decided that we’d try Papa’s Bar & Grill, it’s menu looked the best


While waiting for our meal i think we were watching the ballgame or the posters and pictures on the walls but Diane .. you didn’t warn any of us and she caught some not so good poses .. i just had to share these


the place was packed and it took awhile to get our food but i have to admit it was veryyy good food and the prices were not bad at all!


Tommy had a Shrimp PoBoy with chips, Don had a PoBoy (not sure what kind) with fries, hubby had the Big C burger with fries, Diane had the Big C burger with chips and I had a Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich with chips.  While waiting on our food we had what they called the Ultimate Cheese Fries that we all shared .. OH Man they were so GOOD!  Although for the price we thought there should have been more because those that got fries with their meal had just as many as was on the platter brought out that was 7 bucks!


Here i am after eating way to much!


Here is the 4 of us standing under the sign except … the sign got cut off ….


We had a great time and as always we enjoyed our fellowship and there is nothing better then spending time with wonderful friends .. We are really enjoying Louisiana and it has so much to do and see.  We got home after 9 pm.  We relaxed a bit and then called it a night.