Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Today would have been my mom’s birthday .. she passed on several years ago.  Mom we love you and we miss you.  Even though your not here with us on this earth you are always with us in our hearts.  Happy Birthday Mom!!

We got up this morning and i was very slow moving.  In fact I was so slow we ended up being 20 minutes late meeting our friend Steve.


Once I we finally got out the door we were on the road.  There wasn’t too much traffic in the beginning

002 003 004 005 

Mississippi has lots of marshes and wet lands and Shipyards.

007 008 009 

Lots of bridges too

 011 012 013  015   

Once we got past the marsh land and bridges …


It was wide open road.  We finally arrived and our friend Steve was still waiting for us to arrive.  We had lunch at KFC!  We visited with Steve as this will be our last time seeing him this trip.  We have plans with other friends tomorrow and he is going to spend his first Christmas in his new home at the Armed Forces Retirement Home.


Steve has settled in and loves his new home which we are thrilled for him.  Of course we will still worry about him but we know he will be well taken care of and if he needs anything he always help available at any time.  He seems to be really happy and says his new home has so much room.


It was time to say good bye which Steve doesn’t like to do.  He always get’s tears in his eyes and has a hard time letting us move on. 

We got home and I have made a Cherry Cheese Cake for tomorrow.  The rest of the evening was spent just relaxing.  Watching the Hallmark Channel :)