Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Still Recovering …

On Tuesday I had my interstim controller replaced so I am recovering from that surgery as I’m still recovering from bi-lateral mastectomy.  I haven’t been posting much to my blog as I really don’t have anything to blog about.  My months have been spent running to and from doctors appointments.  I have at least one doctor appointment every week and most weeks I have 3 or more days of running to appointments. 

One good thing to being back home is that I get to spend lots of time enjoying and spoiling my grandchildren.  It’s hard to believe next month will be 2 years since returning home to Illinois.  So much has happened in that 2 years time and it’s been a roller coaster ride.  The past year has been spent fighting serious health issues and I have many more months ahead of me yet.  I have at least 2 more surgeries to go through and one is scheduled for June 22nd and the other is depending on my healing process.  I am still dealing with severe pain and swelling from my mastectomy and now I also have a very painful booty!  Trying to lay down to sleep is a challenge in itself as I still have to remain sleeping in an upright position and I can not lay on my tummy or sides and now with my bottom being cut open laying on my back is not a comfortable position either.  I am surrounded by pillows as my arms still have to be propped up on them, my knees  due to back issues and now the bottom has to have pillows.  My days are spent going back and forth from my chair to the bed trying to get comfy.  Just when the chest starts to feel some what better it’s time for another fill.  I have started my reconstruction of the chest area and it’s been very painful.  The doctor tells me regardless had I done reconstruction or not I’d still have the pain and swelling.  She calls it phantom pain and says it can last months to years.  I’m praying it’s not the later. 

I have to be retested in February to make sure my cancer has not spread to any other areas of the body.  To really be considered cancer free the doctors say I have to go a complete year with no cancer before they will declare me cancer free. 

On a good note at least we’ve had a some what decent winter as we haven’t really had any snow or freezing rain.  We did have some cold days but nothing like last winter and the past week the temps have been in the mid 40’s which isn’t bad.  January has been a pretty decent month, now if February and March will be the same.  I am ready for spring and warmer weather.  I miss being in my home on wheels but right now I have to get myself well.  I had hopes to have a great spring and summer but it’s appearing as it’s going to be spent recovering and trying to get well.  I keep telling myself as long as I’m well and ready to hit the road by next winter.  I have hopes and dreams of being able to head south next winter with the snow birds. 

One thing with all the health issues I’ve had this past year it feels right to keep my stick home and so it’s looking like I will not be a full-timer again as it’s important that I have a stick home to come to when health issues hit.  Bladder cancer is a cancer that usually returns at some point and time so that is something that I have to remember.  My dad fought it 3 times before he finally succumb to it and just couldn’t win his last round with it.  I am truly believing I am going to beat the odds and mine will not return.  I am believing my breast cancer will not return.  But I also have to remember that at any time it is possible for both to return.  So having a stick home to go to during health issues is the best thing for me.  I am so thankful I didn’t have to worry about going up and down steps during my illness.  My home is handicap accessible and so it has been much better for me than my home one wheels would have been.  Not only do I have to worry about cancer but I also have to deal with my MS and back issues and so I must remember that at some point in my life I could end up back in a wheel chair.  Last winter my MS relapsed.  I really had to fight hard to come back to find out I had cancer.  This past years medical issues have really made me think long and hard about where and what I need to do for a back up plan.

I hope your all having a great winter where ever you are at.  Until then …

Monday, January 5, 2015

Recovering from bi-lateral mastectomy

Wow, Christmas has come and gone and it’s January already.  I had my bi-lateral mastectomy on December 2nd and am still recovering as well as going through reconstruction.  I plan on posting more about my journey later but right now I am still dealing with emotions and lots of pain!  This has and still is a very painful recovery for me.  The good news is I do not need chemo or radiation and once I get through my reconstruction this ordeal will be over with. 

On another note my bowel and bladder machine battery is dying so it needs to be replaced so I am scheduled for surgery on January 20th for that. 

The weather has turned off extremely cold and it’s suppose to get even colder tomorrow and last about a week.  I dream of day that I can once again move back into my home on wheels and go to warmer weather but right now that just isn’t going to happen.  Health issues have to take first priority. 

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and May 2015 bring you many blessings and I’m so praying that it’s the year that my health issues turn around and I’ve saw the last of cancer.  I pray that 2015 is the year that I can once again enjoy my home on wheels.