Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Darby Wells Rd

Ajo, AZ

The nice warm weather has left us behind and today the temps only reached a high of 64 degrees which is a bit nippy for my liking.  I’m still a bit under the weather so it was a lazy morning. 


Later we decided to go for a drive.  So first on our list was to drive to Why and check it out.  From what we are told it used to be named “Y” but the post office would not deliver mail there so they named it Why, AZ.


This road is highly traveled by RVer’s going to and from either Tucson, AZ or Mexico. 


There is a huge border patrol head quarters along this road 


I imagine there is millions of dollars invested into this facility and lots of our tax dollars going into the place.  There are over hundreds of vehicles alone parked inside


I know the talk around town is about the over $600,000 border patrol housing that was built in Ajo.  Lots of the locals are not happy about it as it was built at the expense of tax payers


you can see the walls of waste from the old mine.  This thing is huge


There wasn’t anything really to see in Why, if you blinked you missed it.  On our way back I had been wanting to check out Darby Wells Rd for some boon docking spots.  On our way back from Why we spotted Darby Wells Rd and decided we’d take it a look around.


We had heard about Darby Wells and I wanted to see it.  The Blm land is out this way and that means free places to park our home


it’s a gravel road that has some twist and turns in it


when we first started out on the road we didn’t really see anyone parking out here and I began to wonder where you would even try to park your home at.


although the scenery is beautiful


lots of good places to get out and explore


I am fascinated with cactus and the saguaro is only found in 1 place .. can guess where that it is?


The saguaro is found only in the Sonoran Desert, which includes about 120,000 square miles of California and Arizona. Most of Baja California and half of the state of Sonora, Mexico is also included. You won't find saguaros above an elevation of about 3,500 feet since they can't handle much frost.


look at them .. their everywhere here …


after we traveled Darby Wells a few miles we started seeing signs of life ..


there was an interesting looking knob ahead of


when we come upon it we found that this rig had found a beautiful spot to park their home (yes I was drooling)


we spotted this chipmunk and stopped and watched him for several minutes. 

015 A

then we spotted these quail

016 A

looks like they were getting satellite even in the desert


they found them a nice hiding spot


we started seeing more and more rigs parked out on this BLM land


I’m not sure how our big rig would do going through some of the spots in the road though .. we’d have to think long and hard before pulling our home back here


having a big home has lots of advantages but it also has it’s disadvantages and when dry camping that is where those really can come into play at


this little camper has the advantage over our big home when parking and enjoying the peace and quiet of mother nature


this guy was parked off to the side of the road.  Smart, he won’t have to worry about getting stuck. 


after driving and driving we did find that we couldn’t come in through Ajo at Alley ave because there are some very twisting turns that our rig would not fit through


but we could easily come in through Darby Wells and we did find a several places we could park our home if they were not taken when we arrived. 


hubby had made fried potatoes and eggs for a late afternoon brunch and so as a late dinner we had oats.  The evening was spent relaxing and trying to get some energy.