Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where have I been?

I guess your all wondering where I have been?  Cooped up inside!  We have had extreme heat for weeks on end now.  I have been staying inside and trying to stay cool.  To be honest i have been sleeping lots.  The heat drains my energy and makes it hard to move.

I don’t really have anything to blog about so i haven’t. 
I am going to officially say … It’s the end of July and I'm tired of this extreme heat and ready for a cool down!!  I’m ready to be able to get back outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  We really haven’t done anything we have planned here as i just don’t have the energy. 

My days have been spent, sleeping, reading, watching TV and more sleeping.  I hope your all cooler then we are .. until next time stay cool!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I still can not post comments as my ID .. that is why i have not really been responding to comments but I've decided to go ahead and just use the Anonymous.

Can you say it’s hot where you are?  I can say It’s very hot here! I had resigned to not complaining and I’m still not going to about the heat but I will say I’m ready for a cool down so we can get out and do some site seeing.

I’ve slept in the past few mornings.  My MS is not enjoying the heat.  Heat cause me to be drained of my energy and it’s like my muscle’s do not want to work.  Even though my morning walk was about an hour later again today from sleeping in. I have to admit, man did i suffer today because of that.  At 8 am it was already hot and by the time i got around and moving this morning, I finished my walk at 9 am I was soaked in sweat, I wasn’t sure my muscle were going to hang in there for me to make it back the camper.  i could feel exhaustion kicking me down and I was very hot. I was so thankful that Lexi was with me and she was able to drag me back to the camper.  Lexi is a good dog, she seems to know when i need her to help me along on our walking.  Although i felt bad for her cause when we got home her belly was wet from panting.   
The 2 young men in these photo’s are Bo and Sedrick.  Bo is on the right and from Florida and Sedrick on the left is from Houston Texas.  They are college kids and working here for the summer.  The bottom picture is of them trying to stay cool in this extreme heat.
Snorkeling .. i always placed that with swimming in the Ocean but I guess it stands for other things as well…. 
WoW that snorkeling takes you way in the air .. Ummm not for me

This is a very tall building and I’m so glad that I'm not into this kind of snorkeling. I do not even know how far in the air this is but my guess is way over 50 feet or higher.  Can you see how much higher the building is over the tree and that is no small tree. 
I do like snorkeling in the ocean and right now with this heat it would feel so good.  Since the heat is here and I do not have a pool or creek to keep cool in, my days are being spent inside holding down the couch while enjoying the AC.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Battlefield Assembly

I actually slept in this morning and it felt so good.  Then it was time to get up and get ready for church.  We went to Battlefield Assembly with our friends Ron and Dorothy. 

It was wonderful to be back among the fellowship of other believers.  We haven’t been to church in a few months.  When we were at the ranch they have a church there but there are some leaders in the church that i do believe in being a Christian on Sunday and the rest of the week doing whatever you want.  Therefore this year we decided that we would do our worship in our home.

It was a wonderful sermon on Act 16:16-31.  I had to agree with the sermon and that we as Christians should become door mats and let others step on us.  We need to stand up for our beliefs.  After church we went out to eat lunch at the KFC/Long John’s Silver.  I haven’t had LJ’s in awhile and so that is what hubby and i chose.  Then after some fellowship we headed back home for an afternoon nap.  I took a short nap while i was laying on the couch listening the Gaithers.

Around 8.30 pm i decided to take a walk and see if i could walk off some of those calories from the fish.  Then the rest of my evening was spent online catching up on blogs i follow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Gabe

I want to wish our youngest son Gabe a Happy Birthday!  He is 24 today!  Wow how time has flown by.  Hope you have a great day .. Mom and Dad love you.

I slept great last night.  Our new place is so peaceful at night.  We are in the city yet we located far enough back from the streets we do not hear the sirens and all that goes along with it.
I’m looking forward to being near all the shopping malls and such.  I got up this morning and started my morning with a walk around the track.  Yes, I have a paved track to walk around.  I have been wanting to get back to my walking as i can really tell my legs have lost a lot muscle that i had built up a few years ago.  Lately we haven’t been parked in good walking conditions for me.  I need a sidewalk or good firm asphalt.  I have problems walking in rocks,uneven surfaces and up and down hills.  Lexi is so happy as well she loves to walk with me and she found a squirrel and several birds to chase.
Then i got busy with getting all my stuff out that makes our home feel like home.  Then it was time to meet hubby for lunch.  After lunch i needed to make a Aldies and Dollar Tree run.  Yep, I just love having quick access to all the stores i need to visit.
Later in the afternoon i visited with my friend Dorothy and after dinner Lexi and I took a walk around.  We enjoyed the smell of all the wonderful flowers we got to see on our walk.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rolling Today

I woke up around 4 am with a headache.  So I got up and took some Aleve's and let a couple of the dogs outside to go potty.  I could see some lighting off and around 5 am i went back to bed.  I woke up around 6.30 am and i could hear the rain hitting the roof so i knew there was no reason to start early.  I rolled over and went back to sleep until 7.30 am.  Hubby was up so i figured i better get up and get the last things done.  Once the rain stopped we were busy.

I had to fasten the bar stools to the couch, unhook the bedroom tv from the satellite and pull the bedroom slide in far enough to get the cord through the slide out  .. ooops it wouldn’t work?  Hmm then hubby remembered he didn’t have the new battery hooked up yet.  Yep, no battery (I will post on that at a later time) .. no slide moving.  Then i had to fasten the bedroom closet doors down … yes now i remember to tie them shut as to not get them caught on the slide again.  My last thing to do inside is putting away hubby’s computer and packing mine and our Mifi for our trip.

While i was doing my inside stuff hubby was outside, taking the back jacks down, taking the satellite down (it’s always one of the last things)  Then it was time to load the dogs in the truck (they don’t like being inside when we hook up to the truck), hook the truck up and pull in the slides. 

Around 9.30 am we were rolling to our next destination.  We only traveled 125 miles.  We spent the afternoon hooking up our full hookups, hubby had to put one side of our tires on boards to get level, satellite dish and putting the awning out since it’s hot here too.  
Once we got that all done we visited with friends Ron and Dorothy who are here as well.  We meet a new friend who is a RV Volunteer too.  Later we took a trip down the street to Wal-mart.  Dinner tonight was roasted chicken from Wal-mart.
We don’t have to worry about the darkness because we are parked right next to a football field and the lights come on and light up the entire area around us.  Here is what we see out our windows tonight.
Tonight we are settled in and looking forward to spending some time here in Springfield.  We have several things planned for our stay here. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Day of Packing and organizing

It’s another hot day!  Ughhh we’ve had extreme heat the past 3 days.  I have not complained with the heat that we’ve had this summer.  Instead I’ve tried to enjoy it and take advantage of enjoying the cool creek.  But triple digits?
I found this picture of my grand daughter Hailey after Kelsey had done her hair.  Look how long her hair is getting.  Blonde and long just like grandma’s. I really have gotten a dark tan on my back, arms, chest and face. (you can see me in the background)

We’ve spent our entire day organizing and packing things up.  It’s amazing how much stuff we tend to get out when the kids are with us.  I washed up the fishing vest and stored them away, put up all the rafting stuff, the kids toys, water shoes and all the things we will not need at our next location.  Of course it’s been a day of working a bit outside and then coming inside and working inside where it’s nice and cool.

Were going to miss the ranch but we are both ready to move on. Friends Deb and Rick stopped by and we had our good bye hugs.  We pray they will find a tow vehicle and be on the road with us soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday!  Wow .. I'm 45 today!  I spent most of the day cleaning up from our family vacation.  What fun huh? 

Later that evening great friends Rick and Deb had us over for dinner.  Deb made a wonderful meal of g.beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, and fried chicken.  Then she surprised me with a birthday cake.  It was all so good.  After dinner we visited and enjoy time together.  Thanks Deb and Rick we love you both.
Then it was time to say good night and we headed home where i finished up a few things and then it was shower time and off to bed.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trip to Illinois

We got up early and everyone was ready to hit the road.  We are taking the bikes back and the kids are going home to return to work.

It’s been a fun time but to be honest, I’m ready to have my home back and some time to rest up.  I love having my family around and spending time but there are times I am also glad to have my quiet time.
After a little bit of visiting and unloading the bikes we said our good byes and then headed back home so that we can clean and pack up for our departure on Wednesday.  It’s really extremely hot outside on our way back home the temps were in the triple digits. 

It’s been a very long day, we left around 8 am and didn’t arrive back home until around 9 pm.

Friday, July 8, 2011


We had some visitors today. 
033 034

This is Clyde and Bonnie, they came to visit us and we had fun feeding them and watching them climb and be curious about our strange home.  They love to find places to hide and behind Gabe's back was one of them.  We had to put pillows and covers to stuff any place they could crawl into to hide. 

Our family vacation time is coming to an end soon.  The kids will be going home and we will be taking the bikes back.  
We have commitments that we will be fulfilling and then we will be returning to Illinois to see the kids and get ready for Convention.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Lately I have been experiencing the itch to hitch and move.  Not just to a different campground but a new area all together.  Although I'm in a dilemma because we have commitments.   Our first commitment is to our kids and grand daughter as they are here with us.  Hailey is a joy and having a blast.  I know that is why we stay so close in the summer at the ranch is because of our kids and grand kids love it here.  We get to spend quality time together that we do not during the winter months.  Last night our grand daughter curled up on her papa’s lap and hugged him and told him she was glad she was here with us.  My heart tugged.  We love our kids and grandkids so much and they are precious too us.  The kids will be heading home on Sunday, not sure when were taking the grand daughter home yet.

Secondly we have committed to doing some volunteer work when we leave here and then the first week of October we have the RV Convention.
A part of my heart wants to stay here and enjoy the rest of our summer with our family, yet another part of me is ready to hit the road and explore new adventures.  I find the more we live the full-time lifestyle the more i enjoy moving and seeing new places. I’m ready for fall to arrive so that we can continue our journey of exploring the USA.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Today is a wonderful day .. being able to celebrate our freedom we have in this country weather you do it living in a home on wheels, or stick home is wonderful.  Doing it with family is even more wonderful. 
We spent the day riding, swimming and trying to stay cool.  The past several days have been really hot ones.  Temps have been in the high 90’s.
Later in the evening we went to the fire works display.  We’ve seen great displays the past 3 nights.
Of course we’ve had a wonderful time with family and  visiting with good friends.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Parade and Watermelon

Today has been a day packed with lots of fun and celebration.  The parade this year was really nice.  Much more participation then last year.
057   060 061 062 063   068 069  071 072
After the parade there was a big crowd waiting for the watermelon feast.076 077 078
As you can see the kids were enjoying the fun
079 080
I snapped these photo’s of my grand daughter
081 082
Another fun filled day