Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A busy week …

It’s been a busy week. The weather has been beautiful with temps in the high 70’s.

Monday was spent cleaning as our home was a wreck from the weekend. Monday afternoon i had company. Pam came to visit and we had a wonderful time.

Tuesday was spent visiting with the ladies and wonderful fellowship.

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 001

Wednesday was our weekly devotional with the staff. I love Bro Harry’s devotions. He does such a fantastic job!!

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 005

Then we worked on stuffing envelopes with the mailing literature to be sent out by the end of the week

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 007

We were served lunch and then more stuffing

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 008

We did have some great song service during lunch. Thanks Pat and BJ

Pleasant Hills Children`s Home 009

and then dinner and chapel service.


Special guest tonight were Harry, Martha and their family


Benny sang and he has an awesome voice. I could of listened to him sing for hours. What an amazing talent God has given Benny and he uses it to praise our Lord and Savior.


It’s been an amazing week so far and i hate to see it come to end as several of the RVer’s are pulling out to head home. It’s always a sad time when you have to say good bye to wonderful friends you have made throughout the past few weeks.

Fairfax, TX 005

BJ & Arne

Fairfax, TX 010

Fairfax, TX 007

These 4 couples are the RVer’s the are leaving Saturday. They will be missed. Winter is close to coming to end.