Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

In Loving Memory of Larry Eugene Jackson II

late January 16th we received that dreaded phone call about my nephew in Texas. My brother Larry’s son Larry II was on life support and was brain dead.  His parents had some heart breaking decisions to make.  The family gathered around and waited for the final diagnose.  My brother Ronnie and I packed a bag and headed out to Texas with our brother Larry for a final goodbye to a loving son and nephew.

On the way down Lil Larry was so unstable that some decisions were made over the phone on the way there.  His parents decided to donate his organs to help save someone else.  Their son was gone but his organs could help another family waiting for a miracle.  God takes someone we love so much and in return his parents are able to give to another in their time of grieving.  What an amazing gift these parents gave to someone else.

We arrived and my brother signed the paper work needed to end his son time here on earth.  Final goodbyes were said and we all left with a broken heart.  A  29 year old baby boy was gone!  Born September 20, 1984 and departed January 18, 2014

Larry and family

Larry, Jean and Little Larry (above) Grandpa (my dad) and Lil Larry (below)


Here are some pictures from some wonderful memories that we will hold dear to our hearts until we meet again.

 Lil LarryLil Larry 2

He was so adorable and that smile could get him anything!


In his younger days

dad and lil larry and james

Lil Larry with cousin James and Grandpa Red, who was so proud of his grandchildren


the Little Larry we will all remember with his jokester and cocky grin .. he was such a good hearted person who loved his family with all he had.


Miss Me – But Let Me Go

When I come to the end of the road

and the sun has set for me

I want no tears in a gloom filled room

Why cry for a soul set free

Miss me a little but not too long

and not with your head bowed low

Remember the love that once we shared

Miss Me – but let me go

For this is a journey we all must take

and for each must go alone

It’s all apart of a bigger plan

A step on the road to home

and when you are lonely and sick of heart

Go to the friends we know

and bury your tears in their loving arms

Miss Me – But Let Me Go


Those dreaded last moments .. saying goodbye to a beloved son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend …


One of the last good pictures of him with his mom Jean and his brother Lucas .. he loved his family dearly


These last 2 pictures will be how the family remembers our beloved Little Larry!  He sent this picture to his sister Amy blowing kisses to her even though they were hundreds of miles apart.  You can see the love he had and no amount of miles could stop him from showing his love.


Because his family is broken between Illinois and Texas each will be holding a memorial to honor his memory.  We have  planned for  our family and friends on February 2nd at 1.00 PM to honor his memory. 

RIP our beloved Little Larry and we will always remember you blowing kisses from heaven.  You will be greatly missed but your memory will remain forever in our hearts.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Enjoying Grandkids!

Yesterday the temps warmed up and the rain started.  It drizzled and rained off and on all day long.  At least it started melting all the snow we have.  It’s a huge muddy lake outside though.  Water is standing in lots of places.  On the good side we didn’t get as much rain as predicted. 

Dinner last night was Spaghetti as the grandkids love it!  Yep, the grands are coming to spend the night.  They arrived and we started enjoying our evening. 

The temps were up in the mid 40’s today and the sun came out and it felt great, just as shame it’s just too muddy and sloppy to venture outside and enjoy it with the grandkids. 

Today was spent inside enjoying the grandkids .. Hailey made some more of her new markers and put her bird house together (she still has to paint it) and Toby was true to his name .. my house shows that Tornado Toby was here! Him and i played cards and he is getting to be a little card shark, he picked out all the Jokers, Aces, Kings and Queens and gave me all the low cards! We played trouble and had a great time together!

Later in the evening their dad showed up to pick them up and take them home.  While I had a great time with the grand kids! I really enjoyed having them but i have to admit .. I'm exhausted and enjoying the peace and quiet!

Dinner tonight was fried catfish fritters and they were good!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

It’s Snowing Again!

Can you believe I woke up to more snow on the ground, it was about an inch and their calling for more!  One good thing is the temperature is rising and were up to 31 degrees!  Although tomorrow they are predicting freezing rain and sleet!

I had planned to get out of the house today as I’m getting tired of being confined inside!  But with the snow this morning and late in the morning we had more snow!  I seen on Facebook where the roads where a slippery mess and the front and back patio is nothing but a sheet of ice so I decided there was nothing at the store I needed that badly.  I just can not take a chance of falling and breaking any bones. 

Since the temps warmed up I put the dogs back outside but that didn’t go to well .. Spike barked until I brought him back in and Oreo broke his chain so until the weather clears up and I can get to the store he is inside dog.  So Yes, you guessed it right, both dogs are back inside.  I figured the way my year is going so far that the last thing I needed was for the neighbors to complain about Spikes barking! 

Dinner tonight was baked boneless pork chops, beef Rice o Roni and fresh green beans.  It was good and I’m thankful that things are warming up but I’m dreaming of basking on a nice warm beach!  Yes, I know I’ve been cooking more but that is because I’m stuck inside I feel better when I’m cooking using fuel and it helps heat the house up.  I dread the utility bills next month! 

If winter continues like it is, it’s going to be a long old winter and I just assume sleep through it!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Heat Wave!

Man where did i put those shorts i so love to wear, it's a heat wave .. were up to 14 degrees!  The dogs haven’t minded the severe cold temps as they are adjusting well to the house!


Spike has taken the couch over and .. Oreo is enjoying Roo and Lexi toys …


Roo and Lexi on the other hand are not happy campers!  They do not like it that they are having to share their domain with these 2.  We’ve had several little tiffs, Oreo has chewed paper up all over the place!  That dog can find things to chew up that you didn’t even know you had.  He got one of the grand kids Wii games (they are not going to be happy). 


This is how I feel right now!  Dinner tonight was left overs .. I spent the day curled up on the couch trying to stay warm

Monday, January 6, 2014

Houston We have a Problem!

Well I survived the weekend storm, we got about 8 inches of snow and the wind has continued to blow miserable!  I swear the wind is blowing the heat out through the walls!   This is how cold it was this morning when I woke up!  Yesterday the dish temporally went down I think it was buried in the snow and the wind finally blew the snow off it. 


When I went to open the door to let the dogs out to go potty, it wouldn’t open!  Uh oh Houston we have a problem!  Were officially snowed in!  


The outside dogs are enjoying the house.  I think they like the heat!  This is the youngest son Gabe’s dog Spike.  Yes, I’ve ended up with another dog at my house and now I’m back up to 4 dogs!


Spike is like a 90 lb horse!  He is huge and he is tall enough to look over the table!


this is Oreo he belongs to the grandkids and when their parents divorced he ended up here.  He weighs maybe 10 lbs!  Dinner tonight was home made veggie soup and I put a roast and potatoes in the oven to cook today.  It helped keep the house warm with the oven going.  With this extreme cold and wind I need all the heat I can get!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Yep, it’s Cold!

This is what the temp was when I got up this morning .. can you say brrr?  I guess it was a good thing I brought the outside dogs inside, they would of gotten pretty Chilly outside! 



It’s a good thing I got out yesterday while the weather was decent and stocked on some needed supplies. What is even worse they are predicting even colder temps tonight! Because this extreme cold front is here to stay for several days and more snow is suppose to dump on us with strong winds causing blizzard white outs!.

Dinner tonight was sausage patty, eggs and toast .. yep sometime I just have to eat breakfast for dinner.  Hope your all warm and safe!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

more snow!

Well once again the snow started falling and the temps started dropping and before you knew it we were buried in snow!  


It is down to 9 degrees and continues to drop.  They are predicting below zero temps .. Yep, Ole man winter has set in for a long winter!


Dinner tonight was home made Chili and brownies!  The dogs and I are cuddled up in a blanket enjoying staying in doors.  The wind is picking up and I can hear it howling.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014! Happy New Year!

Well I finally felt like I was among the living so I decided to join my family at my nephew Ricky Lee’s birthday bash!  What a great time and I was so glad I finally felt decent enough to go.

I enjoyed ending the old year with family and friends and welcoming the New Year with family and friends!  My niece took this picture and my sister in law fixed it.  I just love it!


I welcome 2014 with open arms and Wishing you all a prosperous New Year and may 2014 be a great year for all of us!