Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fort Pickens's

Once we got up and got going we decided to do some site seeing.  First of the day was this trail to the bay. 

003 004 005 006

This is Pensacola Florida bay.  The bay is one side of us and the Gulf is on the other .. Yes we are surrounded by water and our only exit out is a bridge.

007 008  010 011

After walking the trail we were on our way to see the fort’s. 

012 013

I walked around the bottom but did not even attempt to go or down all those steps. 

014 015 016

These halls were not built for big people like me .. snicker

017 018


Not sure if these are black berries or what they are .. another tree had little red berries .. NO i didn’t even have a temptation to try them to see. 

022  024 025 029

The visitor center is inside the Fort, we didn’t stay long as the mildew was chocking me up and i didn’t bring my inhaler with me.

030 031 032 033  035 036  038  

this fort had big guns and tiny hall ways all through it .. I did okay going through it with the sun light coming in but i’m not sure i could stood to be in this back during the day when it was going strong.

041 042 

see the salt build up

044  046  048 049 050 

054 055 056    

I was glad for the exits to the outside before going in side another one

065 066

They even had Apache Indian Prisoners and Geronimo was one of them.

067   070 071 072 073  075  077 078 079   083 084  086 087  089   092 093 094  096 097  099  

The fort used to go all the way across and connected .. these pictures show how there is a huge hole now and it doesn’t anymore.  They say there was a big fire and gun powder exploded and blew hat section of the building off.  It’s a massive hole.

102 103 104  106 107 108 109  111 112 113


I was able to get on top of this lil mini fort and yes i could finally see the Gulf

114 115 116

We didn’t get it all toured as i gave out and needed to go home and rest a bit, we have several more days left and still lots to see.  I saved the ham broth from yesterday so i put the crock pot on and put some bean soup to cook while were gone.  Later i made some corn bread and dinner was served.  After dark i seen our neighbors had their lights on so i snapped a picture


The moon was beautiful tonight although my picture doesn’t do it justice. 


It’s going to be a early to bed night for me as my back is hurting from all the fun today.