Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day, Enid, MS

We woke to a bit of a another nippy morning but it wasn’t long the sun came out and warmed up nicely.  I’m so thrilled that this day has arrived.  It’s Election day and i will be so glad that my phone ringing all the time to ask me questions about voting will be done with, filling my mail box with their political junk and especially my face book page being flooded with all the political garbage, It will soon be over with .. YESSSS  We voted a few weeks ago before we left Illinois. 


This is the view out our window this morning.  What a ruff way to wake up enjoy a cup of tea (me) and coffee (for hubby)  We got up and got our morning started with our usual surfing the net and catching up on the morning news.  Then we headed to take the dogs on a morning walk around the camp ground. 


While we were outside enjoying the basking in the sun.  The camp host came over to welcome us.  We had nice visit and she even gave me a gift.  She makes wind chimes out of wine bottles.  The park is very well taken care of here.  The bathrooms are almost spot less and they are even heated.


I took this picture of our grill .. i love the concrete tables next to them.  How neat is that!  You have a table to use while cooking.  We are really impressed with this campground and we plan on returning again.  I could get into cooking outside with this setup.


After lunch we talked about visiting the fish hatchery a few miles down the road and then we talked ourselves out of it and instead loaded the dogs up in the truck and took them to the dam to walk around where we visited yesterday.  It’s a beautiful place to walk and no one around.  The dogs absolutely loved it.  They loved sniffing and peeing all over their new surroundings.  When they got home they were exhausted.  Roo just couldn’t take it anymore she had to have a nap.


Since the sun was still shining and it was warm enough to be outside with just long sleeves We sat outside and enjoyed some more basking in the sun while reading.  I just had to take a picture of my view when i looked up.


If you look out our window at our dining table this is what you see. The camp sites are very spacious here.


This is what it looks like on our back side looking out the kitchen window.  We sat outside until the sun went down and then it was time for …


Hubby’s to start dinner.  It’s his turn to cook tonight as I cooked last night.  I was nice to him and thawed out some pork steaks i had frozen already cooked and He chose to fry potatoes and use up the left over gravy we had.  It was a tasty dinner.  By the time dinner was done it was dark outside we took the dogs on a nice evening stroll.  It’s a beautiful night not too hot and not too cold, it was a perfect night for a evening stroll and it would have been a perfect night for a fire if we had fire wood.


Needless to say when we got back the dogs were definitely ready for bed.


I’m not far behind them, it’s going to be a nice hot shower and off to bed to read a bit and see if i can stay awake long enough to see who will be President.