Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Cherish Life today as there may not be a tomorrow. Embrace God and you will succeed in life

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Beautiful Thursday

I slept in this morning, finally around 11 ish I got up and got my coffee in me before my PA arrived.  I’ve finally accepted that there are just things I can no longer do and having a Personal Assistant is a blessing.

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I’m trying to get myself into a normal routine as this past winter I've spent more hours than not in bed due to health issues and the cold weather and I just don’t go together .  I try to remind myself of this daily and that even though I’m learning new ways, with God’s grace and strength. 

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Today was shower day and then I got to take my ride while the dogs walked, then it was physical therapy time (which I don’t like because it hurts afterwards and exhaust me) but the massage is the best part.  After my PA left, she got me tucked into bed and it wasn’t long and I was fast asleep.  I was completely drained. 

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Hope you all had a great day and from my home to yours ^^^^