Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Yes, it’s warm again!

We woke up to a chilly morning, but the sunshine appeared and it turned into a gorgeous day with warm temps!  I got up early enough to go say good by to Lois and Frank who pulled out today.
Fairfax, TX 008
I started a load of laundry and spent my morning with a long bible study.  It seems lately i haven’t gotten to spend the time i have wanted for a deep bible study and so this morning i took advantage of the time.
Before i knew it was time for lunch and then after lunch we ladies were invited to Anita’s home for snacks and tea.  We had a wonderful time with a wonderful testimony of how a son came to Jesus Christ and other discussions of our daily walk.  Time went by so fast and before long it was time to part.
After dinner I sat outside with the other RVer’s we had a wonderful evening and a look at this sunset .. breath taking!!
Then it was time to come inside and get ready for bed .

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Davey Dogwood Park

Another morning of getting up early.  We had devotions with the staff and afterwards the ladies headed out on our day out.  Jayne drove since her SUV held 7 of us. 
Our first place to head was ……


My pictures are not the best as it was another day without sunshine.  It’s a chilly day with temps in the low 50’s

100_5130  100_5132

The park is beautiful and a wonderful peaceful drive

100_5135  100_5137 100_5138 100_5139 100_5140 100_5141

If the weather would have been it would have been nice to have gotten out of the car and walked around and across the walk bridges.  It was just too cool for any of the ladies liking.

100_5142 100_5143 100_5144 100_5145  100_5147 100_5148 100_5149 100_5150 100_5151 100_5152 100_5153  100_5155
100_5156   100_5159 

I snapped pictures of the ladies in the car

100_5174  100_5176
100_5177 100_5178 
I thought these bricks were neat they had Texas wrote in them with stars


I loved the brick side walk .. i love how things were in the old days


I wanted a group picture L-R back row .. Lois, Anita, Jayne, Betty .. Front .. Pat and Dorothy


We had lunch at the Old magnolia Sandwich Shop, which is also like a gift/flea market type store as well.

100_5190 100_5191

Most of us had the half sandwich with broc & cheese soup that was excellent.  I had chicken salad and soup .. it was very good.


This was a neat place it also has a type of coffee place where they had places to sit and relax and read.  This man was studying his bible which i admired

100_5193 100_5194 100_5195 100_5196
It was a great day with wonderful fellowship and a wonderful way for the ladies to have one last gathering before several RVer’s pull out.  Winter is fast coming to end.

After dinner we went to Chapel service and then it was long before our night came to an end.   

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is it going to rain?

It was a bit on the nippy side this morning.  I was up by a little after 8 am today.  I guess going to bed early got me rested back up.  So I got up this morning and picked up .. got my dishes done and then it was bath day for my fur babies.
This is Dixie, she wasn’t in a mood for her picture to be taken last time it was bath day but today she seemed to not mind it.  After giving my babies a bath i needed to do a load of towels and then it was time to get lunch going.

It’s a bit on the chilly side this morning.  Hmmm and then i heard them say back in the 90’s by Saturday .. grrr .. what happened to just enjoying high 70’s?  That is my preferred temperature of course it seems it’s hard for me to get that these days.

By late afternoon the temp did get up to 69!  I was glad for the warmer weather .. yet not to hot to need AC (that is not a good subject at this point) and it looked like it could rain at any time.  I spent my afternoon visiting with my friend Betty and we worked on getting her cards made.  After she left it wasn’t long and the insurance called and they still are not sure if they are going to cover the brown out.  I am suppose to go forward and either get ours fixed or replace it with a new one and keep all my receipts till they decide.  Hmmmm  .. not sure i am liking this.

After my talk with the insurance i called the repair guy and he is waiting for a call back but it’s looking like we will be replacing the entire unit because all he could find right now is a reconditioned compressor and hubby doesn’t like that ideal.  So it’s still no AC in the living room. 

We had  planned to been discussing pulling out on Friday or Saturday this week, but since the brown out, plan’s have changed and for now our departure has been delayed until sometime next week (AC pending)

Around 5 pm the rain finally arrived, although it was very light and barely enough to get the ground wet. 
After dinner around 7 pm i went over and visited with Dorothy and stayed until almost 10 pm.  Then it was home to shower and get ready for bed.

Good night all

Monday, March 28, 2011

Texas Chilly Day

Today was a lazy day .. it’s been cool and barely got to 60 degrees!  I spent my morning being lazy and then i finally got around and picked up my dirty home.  Swept and scrubbed the kitchen floor, did a few loads of laundry.

I had company this afternoon .. my friend Dorothy came to visit and we had a nice time.

It was a early night for me as i stayed up until 2 am last night .. so off to the shower and i was in bed by 9 pm!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Changes …

Wow .. what a change in temps today.  We have gone from 89 degrees to a high of 62 degrees!  It’s been one chilly day!  Yes, I am cold at 62 degrees!

We went to church this morning and then to Ryan’s for lunch.  Today was a farewell lunch as 3 couples are pulling out either Friday or Saturday and our plans are to pull out a week from Tuesday!  It’s hard to believe winter is coming to an end.  Esp when I talked to my boys and Illinois got snow over the weekend and a high of 35 .. brrrr

I’m ready to go home and see my family, but i’m not ready for cold weather!  Come ole man winter  .. leave Illinois and let spring be in the air.

Since the weather was so cool, i spent my late afternoon on the phone talking to friends and my evening has been spent making changes to add to my blog.  I hope you enjoy the new changes.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Wedding

Today was spent as a lazy morning and then it was time for David and Twila’s big day!  Yep the wedding.  Can you believe i forgot my camera but hopefully i can get a few pictures to post. 
It was a beautiful service and I was blessed to be able to be here to witness the joining of 2 beautiful people.  Congrats David and Twila.

After the wedding we stopped at Wal-mart to purchase a few needed supplies for the week.  Wow .. we got off with only a $37 purchase! 

It’s been one very hot day .. temps rose to 89 degrees!  Ughh with no living room AC it was not good.  The temperature in the living room was 84 degrees!  The upstairs was nice and cool .. yep hubby went up and took him a nap while i went and sat outside with the ladies.  I almost have the quilt top embroidered. 
The wind started to pick up, the temperature started dropping and it was after 8 pm so it was time to retire inside.  It wasn’t long and i was in my comfy clothes and around 10.30 i was headed to bed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

where have i been?

Friday … I called this morning and argued with our insurance about covering our AC from the brown out. They are claiming that electrical may be excluded from our coverage and i reminded them that i was never informed this and that i am not willing to take this lightly. It seems we will be looking for a new insurance company in the near future.

Hubby decided regardless we need our AC looked out and so a repairman came out this afternoon and checked our unit out and sure enough it’s the compressor. He gave me a statement in writing that he is sure it was the brown out because everything else seems to be in good working order. He is going to price a new compressor and price a new unit to see which is our best option. Regardless it has to be fixed and i will fight it out later with our insurance and what ever action i may need to take.

The temps have been in the high 80’s and so by afternoon our living room is warmer then the rest of camper. Our bedroom AC just isn’t big enough to cool our entire home. The repairman did disconnect the wire so that we can circulate the air with the fan part if we need too.

I spent a few hours sitting outside this evening enjoying another great night.

For now i will not be saying who our insurance company is .. I will wait to pass judgment until we see what they do. I am going to be making phone calls on Monday to inquire with other carriers.

Hope you all have a great weekend .. we have a wedding to attend tomorrow.

Thursday … I slept in again today and i had just gotten dressed when one of the ladies came to remind me it was devotional day. Yes, I forgot! So i hurried to get ready and went over. Devotions got a late start so they had a late ending and then it was time to get lunch. After lunch I spent my afternoon being lazy as i was still wore out from the day before. I spent my evening outside enjoying the wonderful evenings we’ve been having.

Wednesday … I slept in and then i picked up and did a couple loads of laundry. After lunch i went over and painted the boards on the carports. All the volunteers have been moved from the carports to the cottages to help finish up and get the homes livable again.

I worked all afternoon painting and then after dinner i sat outside and visited for a little bit and then it was time to hit the shower and bed.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Baby is Officially Engaged!

I received good news last week ..Our youngest son is officially engaged!

Kelsey's ring 1 Kelsey's ring 3 Kelsey's ring

From what i hear the pictures don’t do it justice. It has a big diamond in the middle and 2 smaller diamonds on the sides. I’m excited to see it and I’m so happy for them.

This afternoon while we were gone we had a brown out and it got our air conditioner in the living room. I have to call and report the claim to our insurance tomorrow so they get someone out.

Monday, March 21, 2011

working on taxes

I got up late this morning and cleaned up the kitchen and the rest of the day was spent on sorting receipts by each month to get everything ready to do the taxes.

It’s a dreaded task but i neglected to keep track this past year and now i have it to do all at once. I am planning to get it all done this week.

I spent my evening sitting outside relaxing and chatting. A needed break away from tax stuff

Sunday, March 20, 2011

tired day

I slept in as i was exhausted. It’s been a busy for weeks and we skipped church today. I went over and helped with lunch and dinner that is being served in the dining hall. Since a couple of the cottages have no water or cooking appliances meals are all being served in the dinning hall.

After dinner several of us ladies sat outside and visited and the it was time to retire and get ready for bed.

It’s been another exhausting day and my MS is flaring up .. it’s telling me .. hey i still exist … i’m getting ready to head to bed .. night all

Saturday, March 19, 2011

It’s Saturday

We slept in this morning and it felt so good. It took us awhile to get moving and then we headed to town to do some shopping. Hubby was in a spending mood .. ughh we went to Sears and they had the cordless drill and impact drill he’s been wanting on sale .. yes he got it for $100 .. much less then regular price. He also needed a new air hose as his gave out and living on wheels that is something we need to carry with us for that just in case thing. Grocery shopping and Wal-mart were on the list and we ate lunch at the Chinese place.


We returned around 2 pm and the rummage sale was still going on so i went over visited with the gals while they finished up.


Here is the new basketball court .. one thing that has been finished


The extrememe make over didn’t get finished. It was just too much of a bigger project then they thought and so last night there was some very long faces leaving. There is much work yet to be done.


I captured this picture of the moon. This picture didn’t do it justice. It was beautiful to see the orange moon through the trees.