Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Snow … Cold … Winter

The plan was to pack up and head back to the stick home on Sunday but waking up to a surprise of huge Snowflakes coming down changed that right away.  It was just enough snow to cover the ground and make everything wet, yet beautiful!


Right away of waking up, I knew it wasn’t gonna happen and looking out the window I definitely knew it wasn’t!  So instead it was a Hallmark Movie Channel day of laying in bed and trying to keep the back and legs from screaming with pain. 

Monday was another Dr’ appt and that ended up being a long day which is common with me.  Nothing ever seems to go as planned and new medication was ordered and of course the Pharmacy has to order it as it’s not one kept on hand.   I was just happy to get my screaming body back to the home on Wheels and into bed. 

It was decided that since very cold weather and more snow is being called for, it was best to make the best of it and get what was needed to head to the stick home.  Since the cold weather moved in quicker than predicted I've been under the weather in bed and I will be honest, the home on wheels is a wreck! 

There was so much too do and my body just wasn’t cooperating like it needed to.  The dishes were done, dirty clothes were gathered, food that could freeze was gathered up and the frig was emptied out.

I left things in the cabinets that freezing wouldn’t hurt and that I knew mice couldn’t get into.  Although I did leave them some food out that will not be good for that just in case.  It took most the day as this body just can take so much.  Finally the van was loaded and the fur balls and we made it to the house.  It’ gonna be a big adjustment for us all as Sparky and the dogs have to go back to being leashed in town.  Momma cat can still run loose.

We are now back in the stick home and the end of the week, cold and more snow is being predicted.  It’s time to hibernate and I'm dreading it.  On the plus side I'm glad to have my unlimited electricity as I used my heating pads all night long on a screaming body.