Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Memory of Bubba who may be gone but will never be forgotten

Today we had the memorial service for nephew Little Larry .. of course the weather did not corporate and we had severe cold, snow, ice and the roads were terrible.  But even Ole man winter did not stop us from celebrating our beloved Little Larry’s life. 


We had lots of pictures  of his life


We setup a memory tree with cards for guest to share a favorite memory with for his dad and sister to go back later and look at


My aunts and cousins always go together and get a angel when there is a death in the family


The service was started out with the song “I Will Rise”  by Chris Tomlin ..


My brother Larry and his daughter Amy lit a candle to start the service off with


My husband Lenny did the ministerial part of the service … He welcomed friends and family


My niece Amy read a poem she wrote for her little brother


How do I begin to say Goodbye

to someone who’s so dear

Someone I have always loved

who wiped away my tears

No matter what came my way

whether happiness or pain

you were always on my side

Your love I felt so plain


Family and friends meant everything

you always had their backs

No matter what you’d be right there

That was a well known fact


How do I begin to say Goodbye

I’m really not so sure

To someone who I love deep

so complete and so pure


My children ask a lot about you

I tell them everything

the good, the bad, the happy, the sad

I don’t want to miss a thing

dad and I have this covered

don’t worry about it any

They’ll know exactly who you were

for the stories we have plenty

Ho do I begin to say Goodbye

it makes my heart so heavy

There’s so much I want to say

my heart just isn’t ready


Your contagious laugh, and great smile

are among the things I’ll miss

But most of all it’s simply hearing

the words, I love you sis

Although we were miles apart

we shared a special bond

I felt it every time we talked

Now, I feel it from beyond


So there’s no need to say Goodbye

You’re with me every day

I’ll simply say “I love you Bubba”

See you again some day


Then the memorial DVD played with songs


Lenny read scriptures and gave words of comfort to the family.  something Lenny said that myself and many of us will never forget is .. We have pain right now, pain turns to memories and memories turn to love.  Our love we have for Little Larry will never leave our hearts.  So in truth Little Larry will always remain with us even though his soul has passed from this earth.  What an amazing gift of words to the family. 



Larry and Amy gave each other a long stem Rose in memory of Little Larry


we had a wonderful meal after the service and shared many memories and stories of our beloved


Our Aunts were there to support us .. We draw our strength from these very strong ladies

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All of dad’s kids .. Larry, Patty, sitting L-R Cheryl, Jimmy, me, Ronnie and Rosie


Of course as always in the Jackson family lots of love going on


Patty and me kissing Larry


Larry kissing our sister in law Cindy (my brother Jimmy’s wife)


Larry with his daughter Amy and her family .. It was a day filled with tears of sadness, tears of joy and lots of love as we remembered and honored our beloved Little Larry. 

Bubba fly high and know that even though you have departed this earth, you will never leave our hearts.  Our memories we shall cherish until we meet again on the other side.  Your work here on earth is done .. God has called you home so spread your wings and fly high.  RIP Bubba!