Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, February 17, 2014

How Do I Begin …

I titled my blog today with the title of a poem that my niece Amy wrote for her loving brother who we recently lost.  It is so how I feel about writing this blog post.  It was a year ago today that we pulled out of Ajo AZ to head home because of some personal issues with our oldest son and grand kids.  So much has happened in my life this past year.  Some of it not good.  It feels like my life has been on a roller coaster ride the past several years and there has been much grief, hurt and pain in my life.  There has been happiness as well, but the happiness seems less then good.  I am thankful for my faith and being able to trust that my heavenly father has given me the strength to endure this ride.  God has embraced me and I know that this too shall pass and in the end I will become a much stronger person.  I have held together as God created a strong endurable woman when he created me.  God blessed me with gifts of courage, to be strong and stand up fight for my family and beliefs.  That is what I have done this past year.  There have been days when I have been weary and wondered if I could go on but my father always picks me up and holds me tight.  I can feel my  father encouraging me to be strong.  God has blessed me with a wonderful family and friends whom I have leaned upon (you know who are).


I know that there are many ruff roads ahead as I am still dealing with several issues, including health but as I have always done my entire life.  I will stand strong on my faith and in the end I will learn from my experiences and I will become a better person because I endured.  I have learned that as long as I lean upon my faith, trust and believe “with God all things are possible” I am living proof.


It’s been one ruff winter with lots of snow, severely cold temps and lots of hibernating!  Lots of back, neck and knee pains I have been experiencing.   I have accepted the fact that pain is apart of my life and enduring it is all I can do.  We’ve had snow 1-2 times a week any where from a dusting to up to 10” and we’ve went weeks with below freezing temps and a lots of below zero temps!  If temps reached the low 20’s it’s felt like a heat wave!  Were dealing with high utility cost due to the extreme cold temps as most of the nation is!


looking out my back door .. this is the view I have experienced most of the winter


On a good note something I have been doing when the weather permits is getting to visit with family members that I haven’t spent time with in years!  Every afternoon Papa Tom and Momma Rosie picks me up and we head to my Aunt Louise house to drink soda (me) and coffee (them).  We have a great time visiting and sometimes I get blessed with my other aunt’s Pearl and Betty, and cousin Carrie coming by and saying hello.  I’ve come to enjoy these moments this winter.  Their the highlight of my day.   I’ve also started playing Bunco every other Tuesday night with family and I’ve enjoyed that.


This is the grand dog Oreo who is normally an outside dog but because the temps have been so cold he has become an inside dog.  Oreo seems to be enjoying the indoors, although he does get bored and likes to be put back outside during the day if the sun is shining.  He barks to come inside and he barks to go outside


I’ve always been blessed to get to spend lots of great time spoiling Hurricane Hailey and Tornado Toby my precious grand jewels!  I’ve missed the warm temps and being outdoors this winter but in return I have to admit it’s been worth it with the memories and love I have been blessed with. 


My winter has been spent spending time with family and wishing for warmer weather.  I’m so ready for Spring and being able to get outdoors.  I guess you could say that I’m starting to get back into the life style of living in one place.  I have to admit my heart yearns and misses traveling but I have to also admit I have missed some wonderful memories with family members that are no longer with us.  Traveling is like anything else you give up some things to gain others and the same with living in one place.  Right now because of circumstances in life I am giving up my hearts desire of seeing and exploring new places in exchange for memories with family members that I love very much.  Regardless of bad or good situations that have been thrown my way and weather I am living my life in an RV traveling and exploring new places or living in my dad’s home.  I am truly blessed because regardless where I am living, I am still a child of God’s and I am living my life the best possible way that I can to honor my father and in return my heart is being filled with memories that I will always hold dear to me.  That is what the true meaning of life is.   Hope your all have a great winter.