Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, November 30, 2013

seeing Santa and putting up the Tree!

The sun came out and it was a bit on the nippy side but compared to previous temps, today felt like a heat wave!  I got up and got around and my sister in law picked me up and went up to the park to see Santa!  Hey I’ve been a good girl and all good girls get to sit on Santa’s lap right? 


There was already a line waiting to see the famous guy and his lovely wife.  Of course we waited patiently .. well as patient as kids can be ..


Colton who is my brother’s great grandson (his mother was killed in a car wreck when he was a baby) was first to see the big fella


then his aunt whom we all call Lady Bug was next … see I told you .. big girls do sit on Santa’s lap if their good girls Smile 


after seeing santa it was time to walk around and see all the neat stuff!  I couldn’t resist a few things but I have to keep quiet as they are Christmas gifts .. hmmm


all my dad’s sister’s but one Aunt Rosie was holding down a seat for me and so while my sister in law chased her very energetic grandson I sat and visited and listened to the great Christmas music and listened closely to see if I had a winning number.


as you can see we were all bundled up .. in fact see the color hats, they sold them here at and several of my aunt’s were taker’s ..  it really wasn’t that warm  .. not like it is in Miami!! Once the sun started going down it was getting cold, but it was a great day to spend time with family. 


Once the grand kids arrived it was time to get started on putting up our Christmas tree!  They have been so excited about doing it.  This is their first year of getting to do this family tradition with their grand parents!



Once Hailey had the tree the way she wanted it, it was time to let little brother join in on the fun of decorating. 


there were so many ornaments since I thought I lost mine and bought new ones and then found the old ones.  this poor tree is loaded and here is the final results!!

20131201_191545 b

I love it!!  I’m so thrilled I decided to purchase a white tree this year and going with Red and Silver with a tent of green here and there was great!  Nice job my precious and guess what … Grammy never moved one ornament or anything like I used to do with my kids (back in the days, my tree had to be just perfect and nothing out of place) not this year .. this is my grand kids tree.