Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the road to Ajo, AZ

We were up early to another beautiful warm day!  We finished the last minute things.  We had everything ready but we needed to run to town to find another sewer hose.  We had gotten word that our next destination in Ajo, AZ we were going to need at least 40’ or more of sewer hose.


So off to town we went and after our second attempt we found a heavy duty sewer hose and the ends to go with it.  The first place had the hose but no ends (doesn’t do much good without the end Smile


Once we got that we drove by Rose’s RV park to see about dumping.  Forget that .. the place was packed with RVer’s wanting to dump and head out before the rain hit.  Once we got back we hooked up and headed down the road.


We headed on to I-10 East back the way we came and then turned onto 85 heading to Ajo.  We started seeing more greenery then we had seen in Q.


The dogs were excited this morning they knew their home was going to roll to a new area and they couldn’t wait to get into the truck


everyone was all settled in for the drive.  We are so fortunate that all of our beloveds are good travelers. 


I was excited as I was seeing new territory as well!


the cactus have more fingers here it seems .. not sure if their the same kind or not.


we passed Buckeye recreational area .. hmm we may have to check that out some time


we came through Buckeye where our new friends we met Hugh and Linda


traffic wasn’t bad at all today .. although we did hit a few spots of sprinkling rain but nothing major


were getting closer as we say the sign for Ajo and Mexico


we didn’t stop at the tourist information but it’s a option in the future


I love the look of the houses out here .. I love the desert culture


this road was a bit on the winding side


were heading straight toward Mexico


some flat land


we didn’t have to go through the inspection stop but if your going the other direction you do


we saw this airplane way out there .. must be a landing strip out there


I love how the mountains look off in a distance


these were covered with lots of cactus


look at these rock .. so many different looks


driving through them


each has it’s own unique


I like this sign .. watch for animals .. I’d love to see some animals


in the distance we can see that we are getting closer to something


Yep we are .. were in Ajo!  I love the colors


looking like we are approaching civilization


you know your not far from Mexico when you start seeing lots of places selling insurance for Mexico


If you drive your car into Mexico your insurance in the states does not cover you ..not sure if you were aware of that or not


seeing lots of 5th wheels .. Yep were gonna fit right in


Oh how I love the colors!  This is beautiful in my eyes


wow another welcome sign .. they like visitors!  My kind of city!


palm trees mean warmth!  Palm trees can not take severe cold weather .. it’s looking good


a cute little road side park


We arrived .. 173 miles .. less then 3 hours on the road and we’ve reached our destination. 


we arrived we to work on getting setup.  We had 48’ of sewer hose and just had enough .. sure glad we got another one.  Now were all nestled in for awhile.  All is great we have good cell phone service, internet works great and the satellite is setup and working.  We are not sure how long we will be here as the church needs some volunteer work done.  We are mooch docking and best of all we have free full hookups! We plan to work a bit and site see a lot!


Look at the view we have in front of our home .. beautiful seeing the mountains in front of us.  We took the dogs for a walk around town a bit and spent the rest of the evening getting settled in.  We have lots of work to do as our home is so dusty from the wind blowing the desert sand it needs some good TLC as in a good vacuum, scrubbing and I have over a weeks worth of laundry, plus the bed sheets, covers and rugs all need to be washed!  Even though we have lots of work ahead us we plan to do some site seeing as well.  So stay tuned and see what we will be up to next.