Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Caught in traffic!

We got up and got around this morning and then headed to our neighbor’s for biscuit and gravy for breakfast.  Our new friend Hugh invited us down.  Of course were not breakfast people so we went over and visited but we didn’t eat.  It smelt good though. (Thanks Hugh)  We had a great visit and then we headed home to dump the water from our jugs and headed off to town.


We needed to run to Blythe, Ca to the Oreilly auto part store.  Our truck is smelling like diesel fuel and normally that means our fuel filter needs to be changed.  I had called yesterday and they said the Moto craft filter would be in today.


we had to go through the inspection gate again.  Although we had no problems


on our way home after crossing the border into AZ traffic came to a halt!


We drove for several miles barely moving and we were bumper to bumper.  We didn’t know if it was road construction or what .. until …


we saw smoke and then we came upon this!  This trucker was definitely having a bad day!  Other then the trailer and the smoke stakes you couldn’t tell this trailer had a truck hooked to it .. I’ve never seen one burn like this.


We got back into Q and it was more bumper to bumper traffic!  I think we’ve spent most of our day in traffic!  We came home and hubby changed the filters and I was the get me person.  Once that was done we took the dogs on their walk and then we came home and started some dinner.  Tonight’s menu was hubby cooked bacon on the grill, warmed up last night left over potatoes and fried eggs .. mmm it was so good.  After dinner hubby built me one more last fire and we sat outside until the fire died down and it started getting chilly.  While we enjoyed the fire outside the water heater was warming up our water for a nice warm shower.   The rest of the night is being spent enjoying some TV and computer .. another beautiful day here in Arizona.