Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous

I went to bed before 9.30 PM last night and slept in this morning until almost 9 AM!  that is 10 AM central time for some of you which is the time zone we left.  We are Mountain time and let me tell you It felt great and I needed the rest. 


I had to hurry and get dressed to make it to the pancake breakfast .. ooops I was too late, they started at 9 AM but at least I was in time for the meeting.  As you know I’m not one who likes to eat breakfast.  I did manage to snap a few snap shots of the clean up


they had a fire going as it was a bit on the nippy side, but the sun was out and it didn’t take long to warm things up nicely


Today’s topic was how to live on less money and who was living on the least.  I was shocked that a few were living on $400 per month!  The shocking thing was they were enjoying life and were not deprived.  I applaud anyone who can do that. 


we’ve meet so many people and as you all know me .. I have trouble remembering names but I can their dogs Smile


The meeting lasted until around noon and then we all broke to go on walks or home to get warm.  Some of the people here live full-time in cars, van, class B, class C’s, Class A’s, 5th wheels, pull types and cargo trailers.  Several are here camping in tents even .. It’s a unique group, we have engineer's, a doctor, nurse, musicians, we are amazed how educated most everyone here is … there are many more back grounds of this group.  It’s an amazing group and Bob Wells is a truly amazing person.  He is a writer and started this group .. you can find his website here ..   http://cheaprvliving.com/ or here is his living green site .. http://cheapgreenrvliving.com/index.html


over half of the full-timers are living the green life and living off the grid where they do not park in RV parks with full hookups.  They have batteries, solar and generators for all their electrical needs.  They are self contained even in their vans and cars. 


It’s amazing to see .. we have learned so much just the little that we have been here and true to the RV nature everyone is friendly and always willing to help anyone out who needs it. 


some live this life style because of situations that have occurred in their lives and others do it as they were tired of being a slave to the world and wanted more out of life then working to still have nothing but debit. 


there are several projects going on  helping others .. one lady is having a kitchenette installed in her van so she will have a sink, another is having a 12 volt refrigerator installed and another is getting solar panels installed. 


here is some pictures of the different rigs that are home for many


I have a very happy husband since today is Sunday you all know what that means .. YES .. football!!  My hubby is a happy camper as he can watch his football using our inverter and batteries now.  While he watched football the dogs and I went for a walk.  Once the sun comes out it warmed up enough that a sweet shirt was all I needed for our afternoon walk. 


Tonight was a hobo soup night for dinner.  Everyone was to bring either a can of soup or a soup ingredient.  I know it sounds disgusting but it actually turned out to be good soup.


the soup is cooking here and they had another pot of soup with no meat for the veggie people. 


Everyone got their belly’s full and once the sun set it was too cold and so everyone started heading for the warmth of their home.  It’s going to be another cold night.  


Our furnace did great and we had the battery bank to supply it to run all night long.  We survived our first night of extreme cold temps boon docking on BLM land.


We came home fired up the generator to charge up our batteries and watch some TV.  I decided instead of wasting propane with the furnace to bake some cookies and it solves hubby’s sweet tooth craving.  So we got warmth and home made cookies.


Hope your all staying warm, we are and enjoying our stay here in Q .. stop in again and see what were doing tomorrow