Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, January 6, 2013

change in plans

It was a week ago today that we arrived at friends home where we have been mooch docking.  Once again we have made a change in our plans.  We had thought we’d pull out on Tuesday and head back to Twin Lakes for a few weeks.  We had friends coming through West Monroe on Monday and we were going to meet for lunch and then pull out Tuesday morning.  It’s amazing how our plans can change so quickly.   I didn’t get to sleep until after 5 AM.  Plus since I’ve been having so many ruff nights with all this cold and rain. 


My body just can not take this weather.  We discussed it and decided our home is on wheels and at any time we can change our plans and so that is what we are doing.  Looking at the weather, we have a couple of days opening to high tail it through Texas and New Mexico in between storms.  So it looks like we may be do some fast traveling.  We are changing our plans back to where they were before .. Were heading to AZ in search of finding dryer and warmer weather.  We will be attending the RTR GTG after all.


I slept in but once I got up got going It didn’t take us long to get things ready to roll. It was a bit on the foggy side this morning.  You can see where our home was before we pulled out .. if you look closely you can see hubby putting the boards we were parked on to get in and out with back where they belong for our friends next guest coming in on Thursday.


saying good bye to our mooch docking place.  We’ve had a wonderful time and we can not thank our friends Tommy and Diane enough for their wonderful hospitality. 


Our friends property used to be an old plantation and 9 siblings went together and bought it, when they purchased the property the previous owners had made it into an RV campground .. today it’s called …Nine Oaks Plantation and RV Campground.


Their property sits right along the Ouachita River and they have some beautiful cabin homes built along it. 


we went through town and got onto I-20 and crossed the Ouachita River


Next we went through Shreveport


so far traffic has been pretty good


going by many of places



Welcome to Texas


I do believe only in Texas you would see this .. hilly billy style ?


up and down we go


lots of wind mills


we saw lots and lots cotton fields along our way


We are parked at a rest area near Tye, Texas for the night.  We traveled 562 miles today.  We ran the generator for about an hour and watch a bit of tv before calling it a night.  Another day tomorrow