Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, December 30, 2013

I’m sick!

I woke up the day after Christmas and I was even sicker .. I have spent the past 4 days in bed .. sicker then sick!  I’ve have been blowing, sneezing, coughing, running a fever and the body aches have been horrible!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and may you all rejoice in this glorious holiday.  As we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.

christmas about

I got up early and got my pumpkin pies in the oven.  Next it was the ham.  It’s going to be a quiet day but as true to my tradition I’m still fixing a feast!

I got up and got my over night salad going , next was the Jell-0 salad and then peel potatoes as I threw onions, carrots and later potatoes in with the ham.  Then I took drippings and some gravy mix and made some gravy.  Last but not least the dinner rolls were put into the oven and my Christmas meal was done!

2013 Christmas

Later in the afternoon I started feeling sick, so it was a afternoon and evening of hugging the bed

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve! Happy B’day Mom

First I’d like to shout out to my mom who is Heaven.  Today would have been her B’day!  Happy B’day Mom all those who loved you are thinking of you and wishing you a glorious birthday in heaven!



Santa has arrived!  Look at that tree!


This year Christmas Eve was something different .. Home made Pizza!  The kids wanted Pizza and Cherry Cheese Cake for dessert.


The big kids wanted to eat but the little kids wanted to open packages!


so why the big kids ate, the little kids opened a couple of presents and then they got everything out from under the tree.  They had a blast digging way under the tree to see what Santa left them!



The grand kids must have been very good .. Look at all these presents!



I do believe they were pretty happy and excited with what Santa brought them.


Even the big kids were pretty happy with what Santa brought!


It was a great day to have both my sons and both my grand children together for Christmas celebration.  It’s been over 8 years since we’ve celebrated Christmas with our loved ones.


The grand kids had to head to their mom’s around 9 pm and Gabe and Kelsey stayed until around 12.30 AM!  We played pegs and joker!  What a day and I’m ready to hit the hay!

Monday, December 23, 2013

More Shopping

Well as promised we did get the ice and this what it looked like when we headed to Jacksonville.


I was slow moving today but once I finally got myself up and dressed it was time to head out the door to do the last of my Christmas shopping.  Ughh it was crazy and I do not believe there was a store that I missed!  I was gone from around 10 AM to around 6 PM!


The other day I was heating up Almond bark so the kids could make Christmas candy and the microwave caught on fire .. well Santa had to end up bringing me a new one.  I found this pretty one and I’m planning on re-doing my kitchen in red some day so I just had to have it!


At least I can say it’s official .. I am done I have all my groceries and Christmas presents bought!  Now to get home and unload everything.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We got a dusting of snow!

It seems it’s been a winter of snow and more snow.  Once again we woke up to a dusting of snow and their saying ice is still on it’s way!


It’s hibernation time although I have a few last minute things that needed done before Christmas!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ughh more winter!

I guess I got spoiled the past few days .. temps had been in the low 50’s!  YES .. it felt warm!  I finally have all the Christmas presents wrapped and I’m ready for the big day to arrive.  All is left is to purchase a ham this week and my home will be ready for the big day to get here.  Have you been naughty or nice .. where do you stand on Santa’s list?


see my smart grand dog, she is learning a bad habit of playing on the computer too much like her Grammy .. hehe


Oh no the warm temps are gone and winter is back!  This is what was on the windshield this morning when I got up.  Their predicting freezing rain and very cold temps to return .. looks like I need to go into hibernation again!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Shopping



It was a great weekend spent with the grand kids and I truly am enjoying spending time with them.  They are growing up so fast and before I know it Grammy will be someone they see once in awhile.  So I am truly enjoying the blessing of seeing them a lot.  Being on the rode as a full-time RVer I missed a lot of things with them.  Normally summer months were spent with them as much as I could.

went home around 1 pm on Sunday and so it was time to go do the dreaded task of Christmas shopping.  I hadn’t bought one thing and had a long list! 

It was cold as that is all we’ve been having is cold weather!  No sun to be found and it was a dreary afternoon.  The first store was a bust and after the second store I still wasn’t finding much on my list .. I was beginning to panic!   I found a few things at store number 2 and then on to store 3 and I found several things there and on to store number 4 and I found several needed items on my list. 

Of course after all that shopping I was starving so a much needed trip to the Chinese buffet was on the list Smile  Before I knew it dark had approached and it was getting even colder and it was time to head home to rest a killer back and legs.



Wednesday after dropping the kids off at school I needed to head to finish up my Christmas shopping.  When I came out of Wal-mart huge snow flakes were falling!  I can officially say I got my Christmas shopping done!  I’m so glad that is over and now I remember why I was thrilled to be away for the holidays.  After several years of not having to Christmas shop, I still did not enjoy it!!

Next all these things have to be wrapped but that will be another day ..

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Making Christmas Cookies

Yesterday 12 – 11, my oldest son turned 30!  Wow I’m getting old.  We celebrated his birthday tonight instead with the kids.  Earlier in the day I baked a Chocolate cake and the kids decorated it. 


I also mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough to use tonight for the grand kids and I made the icing for the cake and cookies.


I had dinner ready when Tys and the kids got here, dinner tonight was pork steak and mac and cheese.


after dinner the kids and I went to work on rolling out and cutting the cookies and baking




then I t was time to put the icing and decorations on them


wonderfully tasting cookies .. the kids and I had a great time doing this and making memories.


It’s been miserably cold and one night the temperature dropped down into the single digits.  I’m trying to stay warm inside but it’s been very hard for me to get warm.  The cold seems to just go right into my body and even being wrapped up with heating pads is not working.  My home is warm it’s just that my blood is not.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Tyson


Happy 30th Birthday to my oldest son Tyson!  It’s hard to believe I have a son that old!  Yes, I know .. I’m getting old! 


From a baby to an adult .. wow how the time sure has flown by ..


He loved playing in basket of clean clothes


snuggling with daddy


to wearing Daddy’s gloves


to watching over his little brother


This is my grandma Preston her birthday is also today.  She would have been 107 yrs old .. Happy Birthday Grandma and I know your enjoying your family reunion with your husband you lost so many years with to having all your daughters and family in heaven together.  We love you and miss you.


to celebrating his birthday and now being a Daddy himself.


Happy Birthday .. know that I have loved you from the time I knew you were growing inside me and I will love you forever.  Happy Birthday Tyson!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Me Oh MY!

Me Oh My!  It’s been way too cold!  Not only are is it cold but look what is outside!  I am not ready for this and it’s just been wayyy to cold to my liking!


nothing much really going on as I’m in hibernation mode.  Although normally I am one who likes to sleep late well lately .. that hasn’t been happening!  I’m awake by 7 AM!  I do not like this Sam I am. 


My normal daily routine exist of getting up, getting on the computer and checking my email and facebook,  resting a hurting back and neck and doing absolutely nothing.  I am very limited what I can do being in Illinois during the winter time.  I have been spending lots of time in the evenings and weekends with the grand kids.  

Friday, December 6, 2013

The cold is Back!

Oh my we woke up to temps in the teens!  The predicted high was 22 but it only made it to 19!  Tonight the predicted low is 6 degrees! 


I snagged this off facebook and thought it is exactly how I feel with this ole cold weather! On the plus side, we missed the snow that dumped on Southern Missouri and Arkansas and other places.  This cold weather is really hard on me and so today was another day of doing nothing.  Although I did cook for the deer hunters.  They wanted sausage and gravy for lunch and beef and rice for dinner.

I thought this was the weekend off from having the grand kids but I found out last night that I was wrong.  They are spending the night again tonight.  So it was lots of fun .. well mostly I laid on the couch and watched them have fun.  This Grammy sure is ready for bed.  So I will be getting the kids ready soon and then I’m retiring.  Hope you all stay warm where ever you are!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Birthday to my brother

I want to shout out a Happy Birthday to my brother Ronnie.  Hope you have a great day!  It was another morning of getting up early as I had to take the grand daughter to school this morning.  Since her dad had to leave early for work, that meant Grammy was on driving Miss Hailey to school.  After I dropped Hailey off I headed over to visit with my sister Patty and my brother Larry.  We had a great time visiting and then it was back home.

I decided I better take advantage of the warmer weather and so I went over for coffee break to Aunt Louis again today.  Another great afternoon enjoying spending time with family.

Once again it was time to get dinner on the table as their dad’s night to have them.  We had another fun filled evening and Grammy was one tired out lady after all her fun filled day. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

awake at 5 AM!

Ughh .. i woke up at 5 AM and couldn't go back to sleep!  I guess I went to bed way to early last night.  I spent the morning getting those dishes done that never disappeared and then I picked up the house from the grand kids this weekend and put up the few ornaments that were not hung on the tree.  Although I still have boxes of Christmas decorations strung all over the house.  Decisions, Decisions ..


Later in the afternoon I went over to my Aunt Louis home as my Aunts (dad’s sisters) meet for coffee most days.  My other aunt Pearl and Rosie were there as well as my cousin Carrie (Aunt Louis daughter) we had a  great time visiting and since Carrie couldn’t get her phone to post a picture of Aunt Louis tree on facebook I did it for her with my phone.  Aunt Louis was so happy to see her tree on facebook esp after Carrie had shown all the other family members who have posted pic’s of theirs.  She was one happy lady.  I had a great time and before you knew it, it was time to head home and get some dinner going as the grand daughter came to spend the night even though it’s her mom’s night.

Monday, December 2, 2013

A Blah Day!

Wow November is gone and December is here!  Feels like it should be February or March with all the cold we’ve been experiencing. 

Sunday was another exhausting day .. oops I meant .. more wonderful time spent enjoying the grand kids.  Later in the evening it was time for them to head to their mom’s and Grammy headed to bed to get some much needed rest!

Today (Monday) was a a blahhh day for me! I was aching all over and have no energy! I think my busy holiday weekend has finally kicked in and put me down for the count. I'm sure the dishes and house isn't going anywhere soon .. hmm unless a fairy shows up. 

It’s been a dreary, foggy and looked like it could rain or snow at anytime.  Although the temps are in the low 50’s which is a heat wave compared to last week!  Although never fear more severe cold weather and a chance of that bad 4 letter word .. Yes *snow* could be heading our way soon.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

seeing Santa and putting up the Tree!

The sun came out and it was a bit on the nippy side but compared to previous temps, today felt like a heat wave!  I got up and got around and my sister in law picked me up and went up to the park to see Santa!  Hey I’ve been a good girl and all good girls get to sit on Santa’s lap right? 


There was already a line waiting to see the famous guy and his lovely wife.  Of course we waited patiently .. well as patient as kids can be ..


Colton who is my brother’s great grandson (his mother was killed in a car wreck when he was a baby) was first to see the big fella


then his aunt whom we all call Lady Bug was next … see I told you .. big girls do sit on Santa’s lap if their good girls Smile 


after seeing santa it was time to walk around and see all the neat stuff!  I couldn’t resist a few things but I have to keep quiet as they are Christmas gifts .. hmmm


all my dad’s sister’s but one Aunt Rosie was holding down a seat for me and so while my sister in law chased her very energetic grandson I sat and visited and listened to the great Christmas music and listened closely to see if I had a winning number.


as you can see we were all bundled up .. in fact see the color hats, they sold them here at and several of my aunt’s were taker’s ..  it really wasn’t that warm  .. not like it is in Miami!! Once the sun started going down it was getting cold, but it was a great day to spend time with family. 


Once the grand kids arrived it was time to get started on putting up our Christmas tree!  They have been so excited about doing it.  This is their first year of getting to do this family tradition with their grand parents!



Once Hailey had the tree the way she wanted it, it was time to let little brother join in on the fun of decorating. 


there were so many ornaments since I thought I lost mine and bought new ones and then found the old ones.  this poor tree is loaded and here is the final results!!

20131201_191545 b

I love it!!  I’m so thrilled I decided to purchase a white tree this year and going with Red and Silver with a tent of green here and there was great!  Nice job my precious and guess what … Grammy never moved one ornament or anything like I used to do with my kids (back in the days, my tree had to be just perfect and nothing out of place) not this year .. this is my grand kids tree.