Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mooch docking

Sterlington, La

Hubby was up early and had everything ready to go.  After getting me up we were on the road at 7.30 AM


Man O Man, it’s cold outside!  Hubby had the truck all warmed up for me but look what the outside temp is .. 28 degrees!


We have bittersweet feelings about leaving.  Were looking forward to seeing and visiting with our friends Tommy and Diane but we are sad to be leaving Twin Lakes.  We have both really enjoyed it here and the dogs absolutely love it!


It wasn’t long we were on I-49


We saw this hurricane route sign .. hmm looks like they evacuate here as well from hurricanes.


see the frost on the ground?  It was a frosty morning until the sun came out


We got off of I-49 and onto 165 heading to Sterlington, La


We arrived in Sterlington and approaching the bridge.  Our destination is right past the bridge


a nice looking river


Tommy was waiting for us at the end of the road and we turned to follow him into their place. 


I love the welcome sign ..


Quachita River RV Park & Campground


the road leading into their place


We arrived a little after 10 am and got parked .. here we are all nestled in Mooch docking!


Tommy and Diane have a beautiful home .. we are in love with the place and we haven’t even really scratched the surface


they have a porch on the front and back of their home and what a gorgeous view .. I can imagine in the summertime it’s breath taking


We are parked beside their home where they have 3 RV hookups.  This is an old plantation and RV park, there are cabins and homes built here and several RV’s are parked all over for summer cabins.  Tommy’s brother’s and sister’s live here.  It’s nicknamed Hobsonville.


behind their home is the river .. we took their golf cart and looked around a bit after they left to go to their grandson’s birthday party.


This is the back side of the sign when you leave the property .. pretty kewl huh?


We had a relaxing afternoon while they were gone and got all nestled in .. later in the evening we went to their place and played rook .. it was fun and of course Diane and I bet the guys all 3 games.  It was after 10.30 pm and it was time to head home and get rested up for tomorrow.  We are meeting them for brunch and going to do some site seeing.