Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Destruction or building?

We’ve been having some chilly morning temps but once the sun comes out, it warms up.  Not to my preferred temperature but bearable.  Around 10 AM the volunteers take a coffee break and we all get together. 


This is Snuffy, is he working or is the wall holding him up for a mid morning nap?  Hmmm i will let you decide that :)


The past few weeks have been destruction or demolition.  The ceiling and walls are almost torn out.


metal pilings are being installed in place of wood due to termites.


In the mornings it is a bit on the chilly side as you can see here lays the insulation.  It’s doing a good job keeping things warm?


I guess nap time is over? Or do you think he is just a busy man?


Of course you always have those that just simply do nothing but goof off …

022 A

and they would be Don and Tommy .. hmm looks like the dukes are being drawn ….

 023 A  

just kidding they are both hard workers.   YESSS .. it always seems to be break time, lunch time or dinner time for RVolunteers :)


While the men are breaking the gals are cooking ..


Jean is working hard baking ..


WAIT …. I like my lovely face just the way it is!  Okay, Okay .. I'm gone ..


Diane using the food processor to chop the pecans or is she eating them?  Hmmm


  Jean’s making pie crust .. mmmm i have a feeling Pecan pie is for dinner tonight!!


Yes .. it seems it’s all we do as RVolunteers is eat .. but it’s such good food .. I even found some grass that i actually like .. they call them collards? I do not like the green mustard or turnip grass .. it’s nasty .. i also had broccoli cornbread and it’s amazingly good and you will not believe what it has in it.  broccoli, cottage cheese and I'm not sure what else.  When i first heard what was in it my nose crinkled but once i tasted it .. it’s good.


This is an amazing life, serving the Lord, making new friends and enjoying seeing old friends, eating too much and having wayyy too much fun.


We are really enjoying our wonderful friends here Louisiana .. it’s hard to believe how fast time is flying bye.