Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Twin Lakes Campground

It was a ruff night for me .. back spasm and pain.  I slept in this morning.  It’s been a pretty chilly day.  YES .. you guessed it most of my day was spent on my friendly heating pad. 


I took these pictures the other day and forgot to post them so i thought i would today.  This is the lake across the road from the Campground. 


This is the other side of the lake it has like 2 fingers to it and this little guy lives here on the lake.  There is an old man next door who they call Mr. Camp and comes twice a day to feed the fellow. 


this is the road coming from the campground going up to the Tabernacle and Dining hall.  This is the Assembly of God District campground for this part of Louisiana. 


Ashbrook Hall is one of the dorm area’s where guest stay. 


they have these nice covered walk ways between the dorms.  Nice when it’s raining.


Here is the Tabernacle, very nice place for the kids to have worship services. 


The dining hall where the kids enjoy lots of good food and fun.


As you can see below the dinning hall is a pretty good size building.



They have a divider wall where they can shut part of the dinning hall off


Basket ball court


the outdoor pool


it has a slide!  Pretty neat, such a shame it’s too cold to use it .. i could have some fun in this!


The Girls Dorm is in front of the Campground

 033 034

The Boys dorm is on the other side of the dinning hall, so they are seperated



baseball field


the shop


Volly Ball Courts behind the dining hall

  041 042

another baseball field


Pavilion hooked onto the dinning hall where the kids pull out games and spend hours having fun


the road heading from the dinning hall toward the campground


above the campground is a road and up there is trailers where guest can stay

  053 054

behind the campground is a motel, very nice and it has a washer/dryer for it’s guest


this trailer is hidden in the trees, very secluded and right now Pastor Kevin and his wife live in and they pastor an AG church in Alexandria. 


There is a side walk that starts at the Tabernacle and goes up past the dining hall, past the boys dorm, across the road past the basketball court, up around the pool, back down to the girls dorm and back to the Tabernacle.  The dogs and I have been enjoying walking around each day.  I also hook their leash to the golf cart and take them for a run around this side walk and they love that until they get tired and then they enjoy riding on the golf cart.  As you can see we are in a beautiful area, we are secluded yet within 2 miles we have access to a gas station, small grocery store, Dollar General and a Pharmacy and if you go 7 miles or so we have access to a nice size city that has anything you might need.  Like Best Buy, Big Lots, 2 Wal-marts, Bed, Bath & Beyond and many more stores, several nice grocery stores. 


This afternoon friends Tommy and Diane came back from their holiday and it is great to have them back.  Welcome back friends.  I went to visit Diane and ended up staying longer then i thought and so dinner tonight was left over’s for hubby and a salad for me.  Later we went and played Chicken foot with Snuffy, Jean, Tommy and Diane and of course the women won!  Before we knew it was time to come home and relax a bit before calling it a night.  Hopefully tomorrow the sun will return and the temps will warm up as tonight again i’m having back spasm and pain and it’s going to be a night of sleeping on my friendly heating pads.