Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Beautiful Day!


I woke up to nippy temps but the sun is out and warming up nicely.  I spent part of my morning just being lazy.  We’ve been busy here in LA with friends.  Haven’t been having a lot of alone time which i love.  Although i have to admit i do enjoy alone time once in awhile.  I picked up, did the few dishes i had and took the dogs on a golf cart ride.  Before I knew it was time for lunch and my morning was gone.  After lunch i wanted to take a few pictures. 


This is the road we drove on coming into the campground


The campground entrance gate


coming in through the gate .. this weekend is winter camp for the kids and some of the girls decorated the driveway with these ..


I sure hope it doesn’t do this here :)


I enjoyed watching the girls put these out, it’s great to see the kids and the campground has definitely liven up a bit.  By tonight there will be over 300 kids here


Once you enter the gate you take the first gravel road to your right to the campground. 


the first road to your right is part of the old campground, a missionary (in motor home -which we’ve never seen) and Snuffy and Jean (5th wheel) are parked there. They moved there when they were re-doing the newer part of the campground and never moved back.


Our satellite dish had to be setup at the edge of the road on the old part, the guy thinks were running around 200 ft of cable .. you can see our home hiding behind the trees.


Here we are all nestled in hiding in the pine trees. 


From this view you can see that we have a huge front yard, in fact i believe we have the biggest yard and YES you guessed correctly .. the dogs love it!  Their chains reach just at the edge of yard. 


This is the new campground on the other side of the road across from us.


Wonderful friends Tommy and Diane are parked across from us. 


This is the new campground on our side, we are on site #1  We had to pull in as the hookups have been installed on the wrong side.


On the plus side you have enough to pull in, unhook and pull out.  


Can you see my babies looking out the door?


Here is a close up picture of them .. such sad looking faces .. they are thinking .. hey i want outside with you too .. they are just so adorable huh??


They were not happy campers yesterday when both times they had to go in a cage while the guy was working on our satellite.  Just 2 of them have to be caged because Lexi (red) does not like strangers in her home and Roo (blonde) likes to escape any chance she can get.  At least they don’t mind snuggling together.


Before i knew it was time to get ready for dinner.  We all went out to dinner at Fuzzies again for fried fish!  It was good and after dinner we played chicken foot and before you knew it was time to head home and relax a bit.  I snuggled up in bed and watched Hallmark Countdown to Christmas .. i love Christmas shows.