Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1st of November!

WOW .. it’s the 1st of November already.  Where has this year gone?  We only have 2 more months before it will be a new year.  This year seems to have flown by faster then normal.  I slept in this morning and once i finally got up and to moving i got some laundry going.  I want to get everything washed up before heading out.  We will be in a COE park and so no sewer means no laundry.  Other then my basic morning of checking the blogs i follow and checking face book i did nothing :))


After lunch the dogs had an appointment with the doggie doctor.  Lexi was due to get her shots and Roo needed hers as well since we are not really sure she has had them.  Hubby was concerned as we had never really taken Roo for a car ride and with our lifestyle being able to ride is a must!


Lexi was first to get weighed .. WOW she is up to 25 lbs!  The last time she was at the Dr’s office she weighed 18 lbs.  Lexi doesn’t like going to the Dr, she has white coat syndrome.  She gets nervous, pants and sheds her like crazy.  She even growled at the doctor when he gave the needed shot.  Lexi got a new piece of Jewelry to sport. Of course her other jewelry looks horrible as she bites at them all the time.  Lexi is sporting a new necklace her old one she has out grown (snicker)  She used to have a pick one now she has a new green one. 


Next was Roo turn and she did great.  She didn’t even seem to notice she got a shot.  Roo had to have 2 shots.  She also received a Micro chip today.  Now if she is to get lost she can be found.  Roo now has more jewelry on her necklace.  Both the girls look pretty good sporting their new necklace and jewelry.  Lexi has a micro chip as well.  She got one about 3 yrs ago.  Although Lexi chewed up her plastic tag and it had to be replaced with a metal one :(


Both the girls enjoyed their ride and Roo did wonderful riding and I believe she will do great traveling with us.  She loves looking out the window and seems to enjoy her big high back seat.  I think they were excited to be back home and have their Dr’s appointment behind them.  Esp their treat they got for being good girls .. well Roo was but Lexi still got a treat :) 


On our way home we stopped by Wal-mart and picked up a few things i forgot the other day and of course we had to get candy for the grand kids :)) The girls still had energy and Roo was waiting patiently for her opportunity to steal a new toy that got today.  They love things that squeak!


We came home and Jim and Wanda had a nice camp fire going se we sat and visited with them and before we knew it was time for dinner.  We all went to the dinning hall for dinner and visited with friends Sharon, Georgia, Sally and Myron.  It will probably be our last time enjoying a meal together this year.  We sat and visited after our meal and before we knew it .. time had flown by and the dinning hall was closing.  We said our good byes, hugs and departed.  We came home and i snapped a picture of home after sunset.  As you can see we have everything packed away except what the kids have to take and put in storage. 


We went for a sunset stroll and then came back and finished enjoying the fire that Jim and Wanda had going in their fire pit.  Of course they had already went home but we still enjoyed the last of fire.  (Thanks Jim for the wonderful fire) Once the fire was done we retired inside as it was getting late.  It’s been a beautiful day and an even more beautiful evening.  It’s a clear sky and the stars are shining bright, it’s quiet here in the campground and we are the only ones here.  2 more days and our winter journey begins!