Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Passing of our beloved Duke and Dixie

Duke would of been 19 Christmas day and Dixie would of been 18 Oct 9th.  A week ago yesterday when we turned Duke out to go potty before he took off and was gone all night long.  We walked and looked for him for hours and finally around 2.30 AM we gave it up.  That morning around 7.30 AM i got a call he had been found and i went and got him. 


Duke hasn’t been the same he has been very sick and eating less and less.  The past couple of days he had continued to get weaker and weaker and yesterday i made the decision to call the vet and have him put down.  Well i didn’t have to make that decision as he passed away around 4.15 AM this morning. 


Dixie has not been feeling well and has had vomiting and lose stools this past week.  Yesterday i started noticing blood in her stools.  She is showing the same signs that Lucy did so we have made the decision to go ahead and put her down. We buried Lucy, Duke and Dixie together today in their final rest place. 

008 (3)

some of their favorite places to rest


They all 3 loved the RVing life style.  They were so excited when they knew we were packing up to move to new territory.  When we arrived they were always so happy to get out and explore. 


Once the hurt goes away we plan to make an memorial where we have laid them to rest.  Right now our hearts are breaking for our loss.



May you all rest in peace and know that you will missed, never forgotten and always be loved.  You all blessed our lives so richly with the love you gave to all who knew you.