Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cox Jackson Family Reunion

I survived the family reunion .. we had a great time and it was great seeing family i hadn’t seen in years.


of course my dad has the biggest family as he had the most kids.  My dad is sitting in the chair with his sons/daughters and grand kids that were there.  No we were not all there about 1/2 and we had a time getting everyone in the picture


Uncle Bob Jackson family .. a few were present


Aunt Betty (Jackson) .. just a few of her family was here


Aunt Rosie (Jackson) with her sons were missing


Aunt Louis (Jackson) and her gang


Uncle Keith Cox


great aunt Mary (my dad’s mom sister)


brother and sisters with my Grandma’s sister aunt Mary front L-R Bob, Louis, Aunt Mary Back row L-R Alice, Pearly, Betty, Dorothy, Rosie and Dad


cousin Linda and cousin Frankie on the Cox side


Cousin Joann and her family on the Cox side


the younger folks got a softball game going

 027 028 029  031 032  551091_378249592212915_100000836331206_953702_260318814_n 551853_378250625546145_100000836331206_953714_64388829_n 552844_378252235545984_100000836331206_953737_1533821409_n 553411_378252748879266_100000836331206_953744_715727434_n 

while others visited and the little ones enjoyed the park

554384_378251398879401_100000836331206_953725_2127312849_n  576953_378250052212869_100000836331206_953707_1648010242_n 

even some of the older ones enjoyed the park.  My dad is still a kid

 dad swinging

after the food was eaten, the games were over the party begin with the DJ



Of course we left before this party began.  I snagged these pictures of face book from my sister in law Cindy (thanks Cindy)


After we left we went to see hubby’s mom as tomorrow is not only Mother’s Day but her 75th birthday!  We didn’t get home until after 10 pm.  What an exhausting day but a fun filled day with family.