Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mooch docking at a Cowboy Church

Leesburg, FL


We are nestled in for a week mooch docking at a Cowboy Church in Leesburg, FL.  We are on limited electrical power as we are on a 30 AMP with a water hookup.  That means we are on conserve mode with our tanks and only 1 AC can be ran.  We have to turn off the AC to run the microwave.  It’s amazing how spoiled you get with a 50 AMP and being able to run anything you want at the same time.  It’s better then ruffing it :)  Late afternoon the AC is getting a work out as temps are in the high 80’s.  Normally I'd have both AC units on so that the living room doesn’t have to work so hard.


We have a large front yard and a nice play ground area for the kids across from us. 


there are several other campers near us but so far we haven’t had any neighbors. 


This building is called some kind of shack .. basically it’s the kitchen and pretty neat looking inside .. i will try to get pictures of the inside later.


This is the area in front but behind us.  Yes we have plenty of room.


my back yard is kind of small but behind it is this!!


Yes a arena .. we just missed their show they have monthly on Monday .. shucks!!  Friends Pete and Linda came over to visit and they took me into town to Wal-mart the babies were almost out of food.   Then they took me to see the “the Village”  it’s where the wealthy retired folks come to live.  This place is amazing and i only wished I'd had my camera with me.  There is anything you want here.  They drive golf carts on all the roads and you see them everywhere.  They have shopping, places to eat, medical facilities, anything you can think of is there.  Linda’s parents live in the village.


Later in the evening when it cooled down we took a walk around and dinner was Shrimp Scampi.