Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, February 24, 2012

RVer’s Birthday’s

Today was another busy day.  I know what day isn’t busy for me lately.  Bev keeps me entertained and going.  At lunch time she dropped by and wanted me to ride over to the one of the many malls so she could get her hair cut at Penney’s.  We got back just in time to get ready for the birthday potluck.


Today is RVer Mark’s birthday (top picture with his lovely wife Dixie) Mark is the big 67 and Sunday is Jim’s big 75 (Bottom picture and his lovely wife Margie)


We all cooked our own meat on the grills or whatever you wanted to do.  Then everyone brought a side dish and both the gals of the birthday guys brought a cake for each one.


Yes i know we seem to always be eating .. isn’t that what RVer’s do best?


We had some good food and no one left hungry.


Of course after eating we had to do some great story telling .. of course that was the men and not the women.  Dessert was an (Dixie) angel food cake, strawberries with a wonderful icing.  (Margie) made a 30 day cake which i hadn’t had in years and it was so good.  Both dessert’s were awesome and yes i had to try them both! 


Soon it was time to call it a night and everyone retired to their own homes.  It’s great to be able to celebrate with good friends..  The weather today was very nice .. around 84 degrees!