Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cleaning and Family

We woke to nice temps and once the sun came out it was a beautiful day.  Since we are not going to have many more if any high 70’s day we decided to take advantage of it and wash the camper.  It was filthy and needed a bath big time.



Roo wanted outside but she has learned to stay at the door until her leash is on here.  Good Girl!


The grands arrived this morning to spend the day and we decided to go for a ride while Papa worked.


apparently our neighbors all got new decorations some time this weekend.  Gene and Georgia left the crabs.


Elmo was jamming at Billy and Emily’s place


Jim and Wanda are airing out their shoes .. no wonder i kept smelling such a stench.


As we were riding around the lake i thought these mums were beautiful


the lake is beautiful today with the sun shining on it.


I snapped a complete picture of the barn with the new toppers .. nice looking huh?  Hard to believe at one this barn was a hide out for Al Capone.


Grammy and Toby .. he wanted his picture taken with Grammy


Toby driving ..


Hailey driving


Later in the afternoon Gabe and Kelsey showed up and we cooked out on the grill


Gabe is an awesome griller and our h.burgers and hot dogs turned out great .. Thanks Gabe .. after dinner we play yuker with Gabe and Kelsey while the kids played WII.  Then before we knew it the grands had to go home because of school tomorrow.  The big kids had to go home for work and school tomorrow.  We had a great day spending it with family and one more ta do is marked off the list.  Oh yeah we told the kids our new departure date and let’s just say it didn’t go over well :))