Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Passing of our beloved Duke and Dixie

Duke would of been 19 Christmas day and Dixie would of been 18 Oct 9th.  A week ago yesterday when we turned Duke out to go potty before he took off and was gone all night long.  We walked and looked for him for hours and finally around 2.30 AM we gave it up.  That morning around 7.30 AM i got a call he had been found and i went and got him. 


Duke hasn’t been the same he has been very sick and eating less and less.  The past couple of days he had continued to get weaker and weaker and yesterday i made the decision to call the vet and have him put down.  Well i didn’t have to make that decision as he passed away around 4.15 AM this morning. 


Dixie has not been feeling well and has had vomiting and lose stools this past week.  Yesterday i started noticing blood in her stools.  She is showing the same signs that Lucy did so we have made the decision to go ahead and put her down. We buried Lucy, Duke and Dixie together today in their final rest place. 

008 (3)

some of their favorite places to rest


They all 3 loved the RVing life style.  They were so excited when they knew we were packing up to move to new territory.  When we arrived they were always so happy to get out and explore. 


Once the hurt goes away we plan to make an memorial where we have laid them to rest.  Right now our hearts are breaking for our loss.



May you all rest in peace and know that you will missed, never forgotten and always be loved.  You all blessed our lives so richly with the love you gave to all who knew you. 



Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Festival

We got up this morning and took the grand kids to the fall festival.   I enjoyed looking at the crafts while, hubby, Tyson and the kids went to look at the old tractors, corn shucking and the petting zoo.

Later that afternoon we took the kids to the park and before we knew it .. it was time to say good bye to the grands and we spent our evening sitting around a campfire with friends.


Today we went to church and when we got home the smell from our refrigerator was horrible .. it had to go out now .. i had to make some changes to the hole it left as we have to order our new frig.  I call this my redneck fix .. :))  We’ve decided on putting a electric house refrigerator in.  Now we have to make the decision between an Frigidaire or a whirlpool.  Once we decide and order .. it will take up to 4 weeks to get in .. ughhh i’m making due with this little one and having it inside will be nicer as the mornings are a bit chilly and having to go outside every time you want something from the frig is a royal pain.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What a wind storm

Hubby woke me up around 8.30 AM and told me to head to the bath house as a bad storm with high winds was heading our way.  I didn’t take time to dress .. just threw on my house coat, grabbed my phone, computer and purse and out the door to the bath house i went.


We were lucky as our awning survived with no damage .. hubby had it secured down pretty good.  Wanda’s carport did not survive as well.


Our neighbor lost this tree and thankfully it fell away from their camper and no damage to it .. just their sewer line


the other neighbor light pole blew over .. after the rain i returned home and thankful all was well with our home

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Chosen Ones

This week is Senior Camp and The Chosen Ones were on the list for entertainment.  We decided to sneak in .. YES .. Were not considered an Seasoned Adult.


Their bus they travel in .. nice home on wheels

Chosen Ones 9_6_12Img 1450



They are a family that are a Christian Music group .. very good


An ex Pastor from our home town lead the pray and introduction .. Pastor Terry

 P9060010 P9060016 

4 Generations with this little guy already starting out in the family ministry.


Superintendant Phil and Assistant Superintendant Gary finished the evening.


We enjoyed our evening and it felt good to have some time for a change.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gabe Rolled his Truck!

What a weekend and it appears the week is starting out no better.  My back is still giving me pain due to the humidity that is in the air still.  The rain has left, but the heat and humidity are here!  I got a call this morning that Gabe rolled his truck 6 times and totaled it.  Thankfully he is okay and did not get hurt.  His seat beat kept him secured in the truck.  I thank God for protecting my baby boy .. the truck is replaceable .. my baby boy is not.

After all that stress .. oh YES .. I know .. I am not suppose to be stressed out due to my heart condition .. well anyone living my life right now would be maxed out on stress.  The pharmacy finally calls and says that the medication i was to start 2 weeks ago has finally arrived.  Since i had to run into the DMV and get a sticker for our oldest son’s truck he isn’t using ( Yes the youngest son will be driving it until he can replace his wheels)  I ran to Wal-mart to get my med’s filled.  I get all my medication and then I'm told how much i owe .. HUH??  What is in there GOLD??  The new medication that I've been waiting on my insurance doesn’t cover it and starting this month they no longer cover my inhaler i use for my asthma.  GREAT!!  So needless to say i came home without both medications .. so now not only do i have a medication to help repair my heart valve now i do not have my inhaler for my asthma with weather like this and esp with neighbors who love to burn leaves!! 

Later tonight we played Pegs and Joker with some RV friends and we had a great time .. we ladies beat the men both games :))  It felt good to relax and not worry about life for a bit.  I’m praying tomorrow starts a new day and an upward climb out of all the craziness we’ve had this summer. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Blues, Down in the back & our refrigerator has died!!

It has rained on and off all weekend long!  Thanks Isaac we needed the rain for the drought but my back sure doesn’t like it!!  I’ve spent most of the day Saturday, Sunday and Monday on heating pads trying to relieve the pain. I’ve barely slept as getting a comfy place to rest is almost impossible.  The grandkids came over Saturday afternoon and since it wasn’t a good weekend to play outside and Grandma wasn’t feeling too go it worked out great that they brought their WII and we played their new Super Mario game .. Yes i love to play games with them.  Grandma laid on the couch on her heating pad while we played games :) 

Sunday night around 9 PM i went to get some ice out of the freezer and noticed it was melting.  Hubby went out to check it out and the dreaded yellow stain and smell of ammonia has appeared and that means ….. Ughhh our refrigerator has decided to die!  I took the items that had to be kept cold across the street to our friend Wanda (thanks girl .. don’t know what i’d do without you lately .. love you) then i took the rest of the ice and put it in the chest and put things that would keep in the cooler there. 

Now we have some decisions to make as to what we are going to do.  We got online and have looked at prices of new RV frigs .. Yikes!  We did some searching and have found a couple electric frigs that will fit into our spot and hubby has looked into repairing ours.   We barely use the propane part of our frig as I'm panic about the thought of it catching fire so i will not let hubby turn the LP part of frig on when were going down the road.  So we basically use it on electric only.  We are planning to add more house batteries and an inventor for when were traveling and dry camping over night we can use TV and few things without using the generator so we could just install an inventor and use that when were in travel mode.  Regardless of what we do it will take 3-4 weeks before we can install or fix the one we have. 

Plans are since we are staying in one spot for who knows when we are going to bring an older frig that is in our son’s shop and set it up outside our camper and use it until we can decide and get ours fixed.  I guess it’s a good thing we are home bound after all.  Although i have to admit i’m a grumpy camper when things don’t work right.  The freezer part is keeping temp at around 36 degrees so until it goes out completely i can keep a few items in it and not have to cross the street to get them.  I put a bit of milk into a small container so i have milk here but the entire gallon will not go bad if it decides not to work.  The refrigerator part is keeping temps around 46 degrees so i am keeping tea and soda in there for now until i get a frig to use.

I hope you’ve had a better Labor Day weekend then I’ve had!