Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Effects from Isaac have arrived!

I didn’t get my back to stop hurting and to sleep until around 5.30 AM!  I slept until 9.30 AM and then it was time to get some errands done before Isaac showed itself here in our neck of the woods.


around 4 PM the wind started a bit and then before long the rain arrived.  We got like an inch in 15 minutes!


We went to dinner and just got home and friends Wanda and Jim took Lexi and Roo on a walk for us .. boom the rain returned in another down pour.  It didn’t last long and it cleared up again .. well for the time being.


I was looking at the difference in how much our little spot has changed from when we arrived in April until now .. what do you think?


This picture was taken 4-8-12


This picture was taken 6-22-12

014  016

Here’s what our yard looks like now on 8-31-12 .. As you can see our garden has grown. 


Around 8 PM the rain returned and from looking at the weather map it appears to be here for some time.  Looks to be a night to curl up and read a book as the satellite doesn’t work in the heavy rain.  The red dot is where we are .. looks like it may be a booming night as well as a wet one.

Another month has gone by

Wow it’s hard to believe it’s the early hours of the last day of August.  Winter will be here before we know it.  We’ve been doing the same ole, same ole.  Not really much going on in our lives except health issues for me and enjoying family and friends.  I’m going on my 3rd week of medication and i still really can not tell any difference.  I still get tired very easily and to top it off, I've been sick with allergies and asthma.  The neighbors that live in behind the campground seem to enjoy burning leaves and what ever else they can.  Hence it causes my asthma to act up and so I've guess I'm not feeling good and grouchy.  My back has been bothering me and hence less sleep. It’s almost 3 am and I'm up with back pain :(((


Papa and Toby enjoying each other


On the plus side we enjoyed having our grand kids this past weekend.  We only see them on the weekends now that school has started.  Toby loves his picture taken.


Papa with Hailey and Toby


Roo the dog we are dog sitting is settling in pretty good .. well other then she gets out of anything you put her in except for a choke collar.  She likes to run and run and then we have to track her down.  She escaped again on Monday night after i bought her a new collar.


Our son Tyson is still living with us and next month his divorce should be final.  We still have no clue what we will be doing this winter.  Weather we will be able to escape to warmer climate or if we will be have to survive the winter here in the cold Midwest.  It’s looking like our weekend is going to be filled with rain from the aftermath of hurricane Isaac.  We are praying for all those who were affected by the storm and so thankful we were not in Mississippi and having to evacuate.  We still remember doing that in 2008.

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend.  We plan to spend it with family and friends.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Enjoying Family and Friends

Last week was the last time i will be getting the grands during the week as they started school on Monday.  So now i look forward to the weekends to seeing them.  It’s been amazing and i have so enjoyed all time we’ve gotten to spend with them this summer.

Tues and Thursday last week, we played games with the other RVer’s.  Tomorrow night is game night and I am looking forward to that.  We have really enjoyed spending time with friends here and we spend lots of time playing games :))

We enjoyed a potluck dinner last night with friends here at the campground.  About 25 people or so.  We had lots of good food, a nice bon fire and lots of good conversations.  I made a macaroni salad for my dish.  The fire ban has finally been lifted and it’s been cool enough in the evenings to enjoy a camp fire.  (I forgot to take my camera)

I really haven’t been doing much of anything except enjoying spending time with family and friends, enjoying relaxing in my lounger and reading good books.  I’m still on restrictions and so far i have not noticed any difference.  Although i know it’s only been a week and have been told it could take 3 – 4 weeks to really notice a difference if the medication is going to work.  I’m still so tired all the time and it doesn’t take anything to exhaust me of my energy. So life has consisted of sleeping, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

update on me

The doctor’s office called yesterday and the test results are back.  I have an irregular heart beat and leaky valve .. for now treatment will be prescribed medication and if that doesn’t work then surgery will be required. 

I’m still on a limited activity until the medication has a chance to work.  I’m still tired with easy fatigue and now that the temps have really dropped to the mid 70’s and in the low 60’s at night i have been having back pain as well.  So I've been spending my time since the grandkids left just taking it easy and reading.

Hubby is enjoying this fall like weather and i like it but my back does not.  We still do not know what we will be doing for the winter and are still taking life day by day.  We have many irons in the fire and so living today for today is all that we can do for now.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Enjoying Family

My hummingbirds have been hungry this year.  I have to fill my feeders everyday .. sometimes i have around 10 or more enjoying the sweet nectar in them.


We had the kids all this week as their mother had to have surgery .. she had her appendix removed .. Toby enjoying his DS game


What a way to sleep .. brotherly and sisterly love


Toby decided he wanted to lay like the dogs do on the couch


Hailey watching tv .. ignore the mess behind her


Tyson, Toby and the dogs having fun


I went for my echogram and induced stress test on Thursday and will get the results some time next week. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another week with family

It’s been another week spent with family.  I finally got my pictures uploaded off my camera .. although i have to admit i haven’t been taking as many as i should be.  We’ve just been having too much fun with the grands!


We spent one night being up with a sick kid .. hailey was running 104 temp with a virus bug her brother had earlier in the week.


Hubby and the grands picking goodies from the garden


I think this is going to be the last sunflower i have for the year.  I have enjoyed watching the bees pollinate them and then watching the birds come and eat the seeds.  They sure have saved on bird feed! 


Tyson enjoying spending time with his kids .. they are making the separate family thing work pretty good.


the grand kids enjoying a cook out after a day of 4 wheel riding and swimming.  Hailey like pork steak and Toby likes hot dogs.


Lexi enjoying some down time from the grands


Here is Roo the new addition temporally .. we are dog sitting for her until her owner can get a place pets are allowed .. she’s fitting in pretty good and the other dogs have accepted her very well.


Me and the grands enjoying a 4 wheeler ride


Hailey and I off to enjoy the pool on a very hot summer day


The pool has been feeling pretty nice with the hot dry temps.  On Thursday early evening we finally got some rain .. we got a nice little storm with over 2 inches of much needed rain.  Then we got another nice little shower last last night. 


I know we have several months to go before we can head out but i sure have been having an hitch itch lately.  I’m divided between mother and grandmother duties and my desire to hit the road.  I know that my family needs me right now and i have enjoyed being here with them.  The gypsy in me just doesn’t like being stuck in one place for very long.  Our son has made the first steps in getting his life back in order.  Divorce papers were signed this week.  It shouldn’t be long before that part of his life is behind him and he can begin to move forward and begin a new life with his children.  It’s been a horrible ordeal for him and making him realize that no matter how bad he wants to, he can not change another person.  I’ve been encouraging him to get out and enjoy life when he doesn’t have his kids.  He is still young and needs to have some enjoyment in his life.  Sitting around and thinking what if or what could i have done to change things  isn’t going to change what has been done. We have let him know that we are proud of the man he has become and we stand behind him during this ordeal.  He did his best and unfortunately sometimes in life no matter how much you want something if both people do not want the same thing it just doesn’t work.

It seems that God brought us home for the summer for several reasons.  When we got home we knew that our son was having marital problems as this has been going on for several years now.  My dad dying with terminal cancer, my step passing away and hubby and i both having health issues.  It’s been one trying summer but as always we have our faith and God is always with us no matter what life throws at us.  We are slowly getting through these road blocks.  We made it through our losses although i do miss my dad everyday.  I’m just so thankful he isn’t suffering anymore and as i look back at the past year photo’s i see how he was suffering with his health.  Our son seems to be able to finally start putting his life back together.  He is finally eating and starting to sleep again.  When we returned home he is so thin and wasn’t sleeping 2 hours a night.  We seem to be getting him back on the right track of being happy that he hasn’t been in the past 4 years.  Now if we can just our health issues straightened out and get our son back on his own life will be good again.  I go Thursday for some testing and hopefully that will give us some results of what is going on with me.

Please continue to pray for our family that God continues to work things out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where has July went?

I know i haven’t posted in a couple of weeks but sometimes life get’s in our way of having too much fun.  I can not believe that July is gone and it’s August already.  Where has our summer gone?  Most of my time is being spent being a mother and grandmother.  Our youngest son and his future wife has been coming to visit and we’ve been discussing future wedding plans.  I’m not sure if I have told you but our youngest son is getting married July 6th of 2013.  Our oldest son is still going through some personal issues and so as parents we are trying to be here and help him and the grand kids through a ruff time in their lives right now.  Our oldest son has moved back in with us until he can get things straightened out in his life. 

I’m back to doing a bit of volunteering.  Here at Lake Willy it’s been a busy time for them with groups of kids up to 800 each week.  I’m trying to work a few hours a few days a week.  I help put the food in pans to get it ready for the cook for the up coming meals and the past few days I've been working the ice cream machine.   I get to put smiles on faces when i hand them an ice cream cone :))  Last week i did a bit of campground hosting which consist of checking in new RVer’s and opening the pool gate to let the Rver’s in.  I still get really tired and wore out easily with some light dizziness and chest pains.  I still have to be careful with walking and etc because it causes me to have chest pains.  I did get good news back on my blood work.  I’m not a diabetic and my cholesterol was good. I’m scheduled for a echo and induced stress test on August 9th. 

Between health issues and family issues it appears as if we may be staying around until after Thanksgiving.  Were praying that the cold will stay away until then but I'm sure that is wishful thinking.  Although with the heat we’ve been having I may be ready for some cooler temps by then.  We’ve been having a very hot and dry summer.  Everything is burned up here from the lack of rain.  In fact this past week a burn ban has been issued for the campground.  Today temp reached 105!  You know it’s been hot when 90’s temp have felt cool.  We still are undecided what our winter plans will be as there are so many things in our lives that will decide what they will be. 

We had to get a new battery for our 4 wheeler this past weekend.  We are also dog sitting for a part lab/beagle dog.  She is pretty good we’ve just had to chase her a few times.  She would run out the door every chance she got.  She is getting better at waiting until we put her leash on her after a few scolding's.  All in all she is a good dog and we’ve enjoyed having her.  In fact i wouldn’t mind if her owner decided she couldn’t come back for her and I'm sure that I'm going to be heart broken when she does come get her.  Yes we are falling in love with her.  I will try to take some pictures of her.

We have been enjoying fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from our garden.  Hubby has enjoyed being in one spot long enough and a place to have a garden.