Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Time

Tyson brought the gkids over last night and they spent the night


Here is Tyson and the kids getting ready for bed .. although Hailey decided there wasn’t enough room and so she decided to sleep in Papa and Grandma’s bed :)


Toby got a new DS game and he is so addicted to it .. he played it until he went to sleep


Sunday the sun was out and it was warming up so it was a good time to spend some time in the pool


Hailey loves doing hand stands

 007 009 011

We cooked out pork steaks and hot dogs out on the grill and then grandma made some mac and cheese the kids love it!


Then of course it was time for more swimming since it’s too hot to do much of anything else


Toby loves jumping into the pool


We had a great weekend and it’s even better when we get to spend it with family.  We have missed feeling good enough to enjoy time with family and esp our precious grand kids.  Before we knew it .. the dreaded time had arrived and it was time for them to go home.  Although i have to admit we were wore out and ready for some R & R!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabey Baby

Today my Gabey Baby  turned 25 yrs old!  Wow it’s hard to believe how fast time goes by.  I can remember him just beginning to become a young man and was excited for his junior year prom.   This was taken in 2005


and 7 years later today he looks like this .. amazing the difference years can do ..

Wishing you a great day! 


We got a bit of rain today.  It wasn’t a bad rain but a nice steady rain.  I sat under the awning and watched it.  The problem was it just wasn’t enough.  Later in the day we took a trip to Litchfield to get some groceries before the kids arrived.  Hubby also needed to purchase a new battery charger as his bit the dust and we needed some 4 wheeler oil.  We celebrated Gabe’s birthday without him by eating at my favorite place .. Yep .. Chinese!  Hey 25 years ago today i was laying in a bed in pain getting ready to give birth .. i deserve to enjoy this day :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Texas has nothing on me

I woke up and seen this huge hummingbird drinking from my window feeder.  I yelled for hubby to come see my huge hummingbird.  I told him there must be some good miracle grow in the feed i’m making cuz i had one 5 times the size of a normal hummingbird.


He started laughing and said that isn’t a hummingbird .. looks like a wood pecker!  Hmm regardless Texas doesn’t hold anything on me on growing things bigger.  Cause i have a big bird who loves the nectar I'm making :)


Hope your all staying cool and enjoying your summer

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Today is my b’day and NO I'm not going to give you my age.  Ladies do not give their age :)  Let’s just say I'm past the half way point of turning closer to a bigger number. 

We still haven’t had any rain but on the other side the tempature has cooled down to being bearable.  In fact sitting outside in the evenings is perfect!  I love sitting outside reading a good book.  I hadn’t been able to do that lately. So it was a great way to spend my b’day evening :))

Hubby has been fever free today and so far no reactions to his new antibiotic's :))  His knee and calf is still swollen and if he moves around to much it goes into the foot and toes.  Although he is starting to get camper fever so maybe that is a good sign :)  I am feeling better and just having a few chest pains here and there but so far no dizziness or light headedness. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

WoW It’s HOT!

It’s been so hot!  We are in the triple digits for at least double digits days!  I guess it’s been okay that we’ve been sick as it’s too hot to do anything but stay indoors anyways.  Hubby went to the doctor and they lanced his knee cap thinking the infection would drain and heal from the inside out.  That has not happened.  He has no drainage or anything come the incision.  His knee cap is swollen but the medication seems to be working as the swelling in his lower leg is gone and no more cold chills.  He goes back to the doctor on Tuesday for the culture test.  I’m feeling better but still easily tired.  Although that could be from the heat as well.  It’s taking both of our AC’s to keep our home at a comfy level.  Our days have been filled with playing on the computers, watching tv and sleeping.

Friends of ours from Arizona arrived yesterday and I spent a bit visiting.  Later tonight were going to take a dip in the outdoor pool ( I will be laying on my raft floating around the pool)  not much to blog about.  Were both really bored and so tired of being stuck indoors.

It’s hard to think about winter plans as we do not know how our health issues are going to turn out.  So for now we are just living today for today and tomorrow is what ever it may be.

Hope your all staying cool wherever you are at

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I borrowed these from face book.  They were my favorite and speak what my heart feels.


We are so blessed to have our freedom and I want to thank all those who have died serving this great country and those who are still serving our country.  I esp want to thank God for blessing America and I pray that America will remember that without God our country would not be what it is.  Thank you God for sending your son Jesus Christ to die on that cross for our sins and giving us the freedom that we have.


God Bless you all today and I pray that you all have a Happy 4th of July and let it be safe.  We are spending ours in bed resting praying God heals us soon so that we can go back to serving him.  God is our Lord and shepherd and he directs our lives down the path he has for us.  God Bless America!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Were both sick

I know i have been so absent from my blog but there has been so much going on my life since arriving back to Illinois.  As i posted the passing of my dad and step dad.  I have been pretty private about the issues with my oldest son as it’s a private issue for him.  What i haven’t posted about is mine and hubby’s health issues.

Sunday afternoon before my dad passed away i began having chest pains.  I took my medication and ignored it as i wanted to concentrate on my dad.  I knew he was near the end of his life here on earth.  After dad passed away I apparently fainted several times and finally an ambulance was called and i was rushed to the hospital.  I was severely dehydrated and exhausted, plus the anxiety of all that had occurred the past few days.  I didn’t want to stay as i knew there was so much more to do for my dad so they released me to go with orders to check up with my regular doctor later.  On Monday i fainted a few more times and my symptoms were not any better.  I got through the funerals and came home to rest.  I had planned to call my regular doctor on Monday for a follow up as my symptoms were getting worse.  On Saturday i felt worse and the pain was getting stronger.  I finally let my oldest son and husband talk me into going to the ER.  After hours of waiting they finally decided i was going to be admitted for further testing.  I was admitted to the Heart floor and given a room.  The care i received was horrible, i was forgotten about and barely saw a nurse.  My husband had to get me up and down to use the restroom even though i was told i was on complete bed rest and that wasn’t allowed.   Getting some one to assist me wasn’t possible so i had no other choice.  My husband learned to unhook all the equipment and re hook me up so i could go.  Being hooked to an alarm for my heart and it being unhooked didn’t seem to alarm them. 

Finally around 11 am a doctor showed up to see me and said they were releasing me as there really wasn’t anything they could do since it was close to the 4th of July and running needed test were not going to happen as they had wanted.  I was glad to hear i was going home.  I was told the nurse would be in shortly and get me released.  Hours went by and no nurse, nothing.  I had not had breakfast, lunch time went by and nothing.  Finally around 2.30 PM housekeeping came in to clean my room and was surprised i was there.  He spoke and i said i was waiting for a nurse to let me go home.  He went and got a nurse and they came in and were surprised i was still there.  Apparently between shift changes i had been forgotten about. About an hour later i was finally released to go home. 

I was sent home on complete bed rest and to check up with my regular doctor.  On Monday our regular doctor called and said that he needed to see us both on Tuesday morning.  Hubby’s blood test did not look good that he had taken earlier the week before.  Today We both went to our appointment and both of us were scheduled to see specialists.  I need to see a Cardiologist for further testing and hubby is seeing a kidney & orthopedist specialist.  He has a severe kidney infection that has possibly moved to the joint of his left knee.  He is running fever, cold chills and above his knee to his ankle his left leg is swollen and full of fever. 

We are both on bed rest and hubby’s has his appointment tomorrow July 5th in the afternoon, mine is July 18th.  Please remember us in your prays.  It’s been a ruff few months for us.

Monday, July 2, 2012

surviving the heat wave

It’s been so hot here for over a week.  It seems the Midwest is in a severe drought and heat wave. Temps have been in the 100’s.  We are staying cool but both our AC are running non stop.  I’m so ready for a cool down and some rain.  The grass is burned up and everything is drying up.  


not sure when i snapped this picture of my precious jewels but i wanted to share it.


I snapped this picture of my first sunflower that bloomed on one of my short returns home


the dogs enjoying a bit of cooler weather


Here is where we have been parked since returning to Illinois


Hubby has been attending his garden well until he got sick and now our son has taken over for him.  My sunflowers are all in bloom and absolutely beautiful!


Hubby’s tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great as well.  It’s taking a lot of work with the heat and lots of TLC. 

  011 012 013009 014

I’m so looking forward to when these ripen for a delicious sandwich.  We have not had home grown tomatoes in several years!


Hubby has really enjoyed being parked where he could grow a small garden.  It’s one of the things he misses the most with the full time life style


This baby was delicious!  We’ve had several more since then.