Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Block Party

I got up this morning and got my dishes done, picked up a bit. After lunch i started working on getting things ready for the block party tonight. Jeb used the tractor to bring me the 2 huge picnic tables under the pavilion. Then the guys moved the 2 tables that Dorothy and I have. I put on table clothes and gathered the folding tables from the other Rver’s for the food. I made a pot of chili and tea for drinks.

100_5025 100_5026

Here’s the guys cooking. 2 Rver’s (Al and hubby) and 3 of the staff (Nolan, Kyle, and Justin) were the grill chief’s for the block party. Thanks guys for doing a great job!!




The dogs were even excited and waiting patiently

100_5030 100_5032

100_5034 100_5036

We had people visiting while the cook’s were busy and then we had some who were just resting.


100_5027 100_5039 100_5040 100_5041 100_5042

The kids had fun playing while things were being prepared

100_5043 100_5044

Finally it was time for the great meal that was prepared

100_5045 100_5046 100_5047 100_5049 100_5050 100_5053

100_5055 100_5056 100_5057 100_5058

This was one out of 3 tables of food that was prepared .. lots of great dishes

100_5061 100_5062 100_5063 100_5064 100_5066 100_5069 100_5071


100_5077 100_5078 100_5079 100_5080 100_5081 100_5082 100_5084

It was great to see Ambrosia, she is here on spring break from college.

100_5085 100_5086 100_5087 100_5088 100_5089 100_5093 100_5094

After we ate until we felt we were gonna bust, we had great fellowship and before long dark was approaching and it was time to clean up and head inside. I finally got inside my camper after 9 pm. We had a wonderful block party and that is exactly what we had. Everyone who attended lives on this property and were either volunteers or staff. What a wonderful time and i had a great time planning this event.