Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emptying tanks & mishap repair

Well I am now out of Limbo for now. I have plans as to what is ahead of me for the month of February. I was thinking to go ahead and head to Florida but that is no longer the plan.

God has led me into a different direction. The plan to finish this week and most of next week out here at Big Biloxi. There are still a few things to finish for friend Steve and friends we haven’t met up with yet.

Plans for the month of Feb are to head to Texas where last winter was spent. Several friends called and so after much and pray I feel it’s where God is leading me at this time. There are no definite plans on how long I will be there other then the month of Feb. With diesel prices on the rise their may be some consideration what future plans are. One good thing about living life on the road, plans are always written in Jell-o and can be scratched out and re-written at any time.

We both slept in this morning. Then it was time to get up and straighten up and hook up. We needed to go empty the holing tanks. The first few days we were here i forgot that we were on conserve mode with showering and dishes so we are getting close to being full on the gray tanks. Our black tank still had room. So once i had the inside ready, hubby had the outside. We got hooked up and headed to the dump. Let me just say the dump station wasn’t built for big rigs. Hubby did good. He got pulled up far enough our hose would reach. Emptied and then used a bucket to flush water down our black tank to make sure we got all the not so good stuff out. Then he backed back out of the dump area and backed us back into our spot. The more we setup with the 5ver the easier it seems to get. We are still learning. I came inside and got our living area back to livable.

Just a little mishap, I had failed to remove a electric strip i had plugged in and it had gotten caught in our slide and pushed the floor out a bit and you could see daylight and slide wouldn’t go all the way out. Hubby finally got the stripped pulled out and then he noticed it had pushed the floor out and you could see daylight. Uh OH … Yes once again me and slide out didn’t see eye to eye. So hubby got the floor jacked back up and screwed it back in place and the slide out came back in and went back out with no problems. Wooo .. sure am glad i married a Mr. Fix it!

Yes, I'm still somewhat in the dog house but at least all is fixed and well back in our happy home.

It’s nice and warm out but it’s cloudy. No sunshine so far today. I spent some time sitting outside and talking to a great friend on the phone.

Yesterday on our way home we stopped and got some bird feed and the birds and squirrels are so happy.

I took Lexi for her daily walk and then it was time to cook some dinner. Yesss .. I’m cooking tonight. We had mostaccioli and dinner rolls.

The rest of the evening is going to be spent relaxing and enjoying TV.