Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!

Wherever Home is Parked?

Wherever Home is Parked?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Biloxi

We’ve been here at Big Biloxi Campground 2 weeks today. Time has went by fast and we still are in limbo as to what or where we will be heading next. We can stay 30 days here before we have to leave for one night and then we can return for another 30. I have been praying for God’s guidance as to what is next for us.

We had thought we had found the right ministry for us but we just are not sure anymore. Doubts and hurt have invaded us. God has opened my mind and heart to other organizations. So I am trying to be obedient and look at these options. I have been doing some online research on other work-amping opportunities. We just really feel that even though we’ve experienced a bad experience of circumstances that were uncontrollable by us, God wants us to be in some type of ministry.

I have subscribe to several different religious ministries that help others in need and so all that we can do now is pray that God leads us in the right direction and where he wants us to be.

Even though we feel we are in limbo as to what God wants us to do. God has brought about a plan in hubby but sometimes even though you feel it’s what you should do, you second guess yourself if it’s the right thing to do.

We do have some what several different ideas of what or where we might be going but until they are confirmed I will keep them to myself.

First order for the day was to take an air hose back to Lowe’s that exploded on the first use. They didn’t have the size hubby wanted so we got a refund. Then we decided to head to the beach since it was absolutely a beautiful day. The sun was out and we walked several piers. (I forgot my camera) :(

On the way home a trip to Save A-Lot and Wal-mart was needed. Hubby made fried potatoes for dinner tonight and they were very good.

The rest of the evening is being spent curled up on the couch watching one of my favorite shows … House